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for them, without niceties and fchool-diftinctions, which have been the wisdom by which the world hath not known God; and the words which have been multiplied without knowledge, by which counsel hath been darkened.

In the answers to the questions, there is not one word, that I know of, placed, but the exprefs words of fcripture: and if in fome of the questions there be fomewhat fubfumed, of what in my judgment is the plain and naked import of the words, it is not to impofe my fenfe upon the reader, but to make way for the next question, for the dependance of the matter's fake.

I fhall leave it to the reafon of any understanding and judicious man, who is not biaffed by felf-intereft, that great enemy to true equity, and who in the least measure is willing to give way to the light of Christ in his confcience, if the fcriptures do not pertinently and aptly anfwer to the questions?

As I have upon ferious grounds fepa rated from most of the confeffions and catechifms heretofore publifhed; fo not without caufe, I have now taken another method. They ufually place their confeffion of faith before the catechifm: I judge it ought to be otherwife in regard that which is easiest, and is compofed for children,

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children, or fuch as are weak, ought in my judgment to be placed first; it being moft regular to begin with things that are eafy and familiar, and lead on to things that are more hard and intricate. Befides, that things be more largely opened in the catechifm, and divers objections answered, which are propofed in the questions, the reader having paffed through that first, will more perfectly understand the confeffion, which confifteth mainly in pofitive affertions.

Not long after I had received and believed the testimony I now bear, I had in my view both the poffibilty and facility of fuch a work; and now after a more large and perfect acquaintance with the holy fcriptures, I found accefs to allow fome time to fet about it, and have also been helped to accomplish the fame.

I doubt not but it might be enlarged by divers citations, which are here omitted, as not being at prefent brought to my remembrance; yet I find caufe to be contented, in that God hath so far affifted me in this work by his Spirit, that good remembrancer; the manifestation of which, as it is minded, will help fuch as feriously and confcientiously read this, to find out and cleave to the Truth, and also establish and confirm those who have already believed:

which of all things is moft earnestly defired, and daily prayed for,


A Servant of the Church of Chrift.

From Urie, the place of my being, in my native Country of Scotland, the 11th of the Sixth month 1573.


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