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I looked through the record of the marriages down to 1637 inclusive, and found a few other Rogers marriages, which it hardly seems worth the while to print. Thomas, Henry, John, William and Richard Rogers had rumerous children baptized and buried. Of these I pick out the children

of Thomas.


Margaret, September 26, 1562.
Elizabeth. October 28, 1563.
Charles, March 28, 1565.
Johanna, January 24, 1566 (7).
Alice, September 2, 1568.
Joanna, October 14, 1571.
Joyce, February 9, 1572 (3).
Ales, September 11, 1574.
Richard, November 10, 1575.
William, June 8, 1578.
Edward, February 18, 1579.
Thomas, July 22, 1582.

Katherin, November 25, 1584.
Thomas, June 11, 1587.

Rose, March 29, 1590.

Frances, March 10, 1593.


Margaret, December 1, 1562.
Johanna, February 21, 1566 (7).
Alice, October 3, 1568.
Anne, July 24, 1581.
Thomas, August 13, 1584.
"Infant," January 15, 1591.
Charles Rogers, "homo" March 30,
1609 (10).

Thomas Rogers, August 31, 1639.

The burial of Margaret, the wife of Mr. Rogers, I did not find. He evidently married again; for I found the burial of "Alice wyf to Mr Thomas Rogers," August 17, 1608. His own burial is thus given:

1610 (11) February 20, Thomas Rogers, one of the Aldermen.

THOMAS ROGERS of Stratford upon Avon in the County of Warwick yeoman 27 Aug. 1639, proved at Worcester 21 May 1640. To Anne my beloved wife all that my messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell, with the appurtenances, and all other my lands and tenements whatsoever situate & being in the said town of Stratford &c. to have and to hold for life or until marriage, and, after her decease or day of marriage, to my four daughters Lydia, Alice, Ruth & Hannah & their assigns until Edward Rogers my son shall well & truly pay unto my said four daughters the sum of twenty pounds apiece, and after such payment, then to the said Edward & to the heirs of his body Lawfully to be begotten; failing such to my right heirs forever. To the poor of Stratford twenty shillings. Towards the repair of Stratford church twenty shillings. John Whinge of Blackwell in the county of Worcester, yeoman to be the executor and my loving kinsman John Woolmer the younger and Henry Smyth of Old Stratford, yeoman, to be the overseers of this my will.

The Inventory of his goods, &c. was taken 1 October 1639 by John Wolmer the younger, gentleman, John Wynge and Henry Smith. The sum total was 861 138 0.

The widow Anna Rogers was appointed administratrix with the will annexed and gave her bond 23 May 1640, with Francis Baggott of Witley Parva in the parish of Holt in the County of Worcester, as her surety.

WILLIAM SMYTHE of Stratford upon Avon in the County of Warwick mercer, 30 March 1.626, proved at Worcester 10 May 1626. To Thomas, my eldest son my shop & the cellars lying in the Middle Row & now in the tenure of William Ayng, butcher, and also my three tenements in the Henley Street, now in the tenures of Thomas Alenn & Thomas Woodwarde and that I late did dwell in, &c. & for want of lawful issue then to

Francis my son & to his lawful issue & for want of such issue to my two daughters Mary & Alice (equally). To daughter Mary twenty pounds to be paid to her within two years after my decease by my son Francis, and in consideration thereof I give to my son Francis the lease of the house wherein I now dwell, &c. To my daughter Alice Smythe all my household stuff, &c. &c. and I make Alice Smyth my said daughter executrix of this my last will & testament, and I make my brother Henry Smythe and John Wolmer overseers, &c.

The Inventory of his goods & chattels was taken 28 April 1626.

Faringdon Without.

RICHARD RASING, of Malton = Margaret, dau. of...... Hawcliffe.

son of Thomas Rasing
of Malton, com. Yorke.

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Mense Junii 1647. Undecimo die em* Com° Rose Reason Relce Radulphi Reason nup poe Ste Bridgitte als Brides prope Fleetstreete Civitat London deft haben & ad adstrand bona iura et credità dict deft de bene &c. iurat. Admon. Act. Book. Fol. 76.

[The two forms of spelling this surname are interesting for two reasons; first, as showing the loss of the guttural final g sound in Rasing (in connection with which it may be well to note that the crest of this family was a hand grasping a bunch of grapes), and, secondly, as illustrating the sound of the diphthong ea in Reason. I have seen many similar instances showing that in Shakspeare's time the word was pronounced like raisin. Recall Fallstaff's play on the word in Henry IV. Part I. Act ii. Sc. 4: 66 Give you a reason on compulsion! If reasons were as plenty as blackberries I would give no man a reason upon compulsion."'-H. F. W.]

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Rose Raysings of the Parish of Saint Bride London Widdowe being weake in bodie but of sound and perfect memorie thankes be to God doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following (videlicet) ffirst I bequeath my soule to Almighty God who gaue it me and my bodie to the Earth from whence it Came to be buried in Saint Brides Church London in Christian decentlike manner as my Executor hereafter named shall thinke fitting. Item I giue to my daughter Rose Haberly the Wife of Anthony Haberly the summe of Tenne poundes and alsoe my best Gowne and petticoate and a payre of Hollande sheetes and one douzen and to her husband twentie shil

linge. Item I giue to the Children of my daughter Rose Haberley (that is to say) to Anthonie John Mary and Rose I giue fiue poundes apeece But to my Grandchild Elizabeth Haberley who is my God daughter I giue Tenne poundes. Item I giue to Katherine Wilmour my Executors Wife here after named fiue poundes. Item I giue to Joane Wilmour her Kinswoeman fiue poundes. Item I giue to John Wilmour the younger my sisters GrandChild fiue poundes. Item I giue to my Cousin Brockett's sonne Joseph Brockett in Southwarke fiue poundes and to his Mother twenty shillings to buy her a Ring. Item I giue to Marie Right That Tends me in my sicknes fiue pounds. Item I giue John Corker my Godsonne Twenty shillings and to his Mother and his brother Tenne shillings a peece. Item I giue to William Suthes the sonne of James Suthes twenty pounds to be paid att his age of one and twentie yeares. Item I giue to Master James Palmer formerly the Viccar of Saint Brides London fiue poundes. Item I giue to Master Alexander Baker of Cliffords Inne London Gentleman that Bond wherein Master Morgan and Master Powell stands bound unto my late husband Ralph Raysing which is now in suite in the upper Bench and in the Chancerie and I doe hereby giue power to the said Master Baker to sue in my Executors name for the same provided alwaies That if the said James Suches shall att anie time hereafter trouble my Executor hereafter named for any concerning mee or my late husband Ralph Raysing That then my Legacie to the said Willia Suthes his sonne shall be absolutely voyd. Item I giue to Thomas Smith the sonne of my sister Alice Smith in Warwickshire the summe of fiue pounds. And last of all I make my loueing Kinseman Master John Wilmour of Stratford upon Avon in the Countie of Warwick my full and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament desireing him to doe all things accordingly as I haue by this my last Will required him. And the remainder of all my goods and Chattells not formerlie bequeath I doe hereby give and bequeath to my said Executor and I doe hereby renounce all former Wills and Testamts whatsoever and doe hereby revoake the same and publish this to be my last Will and Testament and desire that none may stand for my last Will but this and I doe alsoe giue and bequeath to Mistris Susan Annyon Widdowe the summe of Thirtie shillings to buy her a Ring. In Witnes whereof I haue to this my last Will and Testament sett my hand and seale dated This first Day of December in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand six hundred fifty and fower. Rose. Raysings Signed sealed published and delivered as her last Will and testam Theise words (videlicet) and alsoe my best gowne and petticoate and a payre of Holland sheetes and one douzen of Napkins and my Bible Kinsewoeman to be paid att his age of one and twenty yeares Avon in the Countie of Warwicke being first interlined in the presence of us Susan Annyon Alex Barker.

THIS WILL was proved in London the twentith Day of June in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand six hundred fiftie and fiue before the Judges for probate of Wills and granting Administrations lawfully authorized by the oath of John Willmour The Sole Executor named in the aboue written Will To whome Administration of all and singular the goods Chattells and debts of the said deceased was Committed he being first legally sworne truly and faithfully to administer the same. 291, Aylett.

JOH. SADLER clerk M.A. adm., on the resignation of Simon Aldriche, to the Vicarage of Ringmer, 6 October, 1626.

Archbishop Abbot's Reg. p. 2, f. 349.

JOHN SADLER was inducted into the possession of y° vicaridge of Ringmer Octob' xijth 1626.

1640 Oct. 3 buryed M1 John Sadler minister of Ringmer. Ringmer Parish Register.

Sussex, Ringmer Vic. John Sadler 14 Nov. 1626 (to Nov. 1628), William Thomas of Lewes and William Michelborne of Westmiston (his sureties). Compositions for First Fruits.

EDWARD FENNER of Auburne in the County of Sussex (13 July 1603 proved 9 October 1605) wishes his body to be buried in the parish church of Auburne and leaves all to his wife Mary whom he appoints executrix & entrusts the children to her care. 69, Hayes.

License granted 12 May 1613 to the Rector, Vicar or Curate of Stepney in the county of Middlesex to solemnize the marriage between John Sadler, clerk, and Mary Fenner, widow, late the relict of Edward Fenner, while he lived of Auborne in the County of Sussex, gen. dec'd.

Vicar General's Book.

[Albourne is a parish in Sussex near Cuckfield.—H. F. W.]

MARY SADLER of Mayfield in the County of Sussex, widow, 16 January 1645, proved 13 November 1647. "My Corpes to bee interred where ever ytt shall please God by my surviving freindes to dispose of ytt." I do nominate & appoint my daughter Elizabeth James to be my sole Executrix. And I bequeath and give unto her one hundred pounds of money which is in her husband's hands, and such bedding and chests and wearing clothes as I have (saving one chest which is full of linnen and pewter, and other small things). My will is that she shall buy & give to my grandchild Mary Russell two silver spoons of ten shillings apiece price and to Thomas Russell my grandson ten shillings of money. I will & bequeath unto my son John Sadler the money which I have in Mr William Michilborne's hands. Item I give unto my grandchild Mary James one chest of linen and pewter except two pair of the sheets and one pair of pillowcoats therein, which I give unto Anne James, and one other pair of sheets which are also in the said chest, which I give unto Elizabeth James my grandchildren. Item I give to each of my son Russell's children not before named in this my will one shilling apiece for the buying them gloves. Item I give unto my daughter Mary Sadler and to each of her children which I suppose to live in " newe England one shilling apiece. Item I give unto my daughter Anne Allin and to her daughter Mary one shilling apiece, and this I do appoint and intend my last will and testament.

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231 Fines.

ALLEN. THOMAS, son of John Allen, dyer, of Norwich. At school under Mr Briggs eight years. Age 15. Admitted sizar litt. grat. July 6, 1624. Surety Mr Moore. Admissions Caius Coll. Cambridge.

THOMAS HERVY, citizen & "Bocher" of London, 16 June 1505, proved at Lambeth 3 October 1505. "I bequeth my soule to god to our blissed lady Virgyn Mary his moder and to all the holy company of heveñ And my body to be buried in the churchyerd of Seynt Clementes in Candilwykstrete of London on the Northside of the same Churchyerd where the body of William more late Citezein and bocher of London my graundfader lyeth buried. And if it fortune that I dye or decesse owte of London than I will that my body be buried where as it shall please god for it

to dispose. Item I bequeth to the high aulter of the said churche of Seynt Clementes for myn offerynges forgoten or negligently w'draweñ in dischargyng of my soule iij iiijd. It I bequeth unto Margarete my wife for hir parte purparte and porcion of all my goodes moevable and unmoevable in redy money xlli sterl and all my stuff of household and plate hole as it shalbe the day of my decesse. It I bequeth unto my sonnes Thomas Hervy and Nicholas Hervy and to the Infaunte beyng in my wiffs wombe if she now be wt childe in redy money .xlli evenly to be devided and departed amonges theym and to be deliued to theym and eūry of theym whan they or eny of theym shall come to their laufull ages or mariages the which money I will my moder mawde Hoppy haue the keping to the use of my said childern till they shall come to their laufull ages or mariages. And if it fortune any of my said sonnes or the Infant in my wiffes wombe for to dye or decesse afore they or any of theym shal come to their laufull ages or mariages, than I will that the parte of hym or theym so decessyng remayne to hym or theym beyng on lyve. And if it fortune all my said childern to dye afore they come to their laufull ages or be maried thañ I will that my said moder dispose the same xlli to my said childern before bequethed for my soule my faderes soule my childern soules and for all my goode frendes soules in deedes of almes and of charitie as she shall thinke best for the helth and saluacion of my soule. It I will that my saide moder haue the keping of my said children duryng their noonage It I will that the saide Mawde my moder take haue & receyve the proffittes and revenues comyng and growying of my fermes called Gubbons and Waltons in the Countie of Essex and of my ferme in Madebrokes long mede and Wottons croftes lying in the pisshe of Retherhith in the Countie of Surrey towardes the sustentacion and fynding of my said childern duryng their noonage and the surplusage of the same revenues and proffittes coming & growyng of the same fermes I will it be evenly devided and depted amonges my said childern and Infaunt by the said Mawde my moder. It I bequeth to my suster Elyñ fflynte the wif of John flynte all my state and Tme of years which I haue to come of and in my ferme called preestes mshe sett and lying in the pisshe of Retherhed aforesaid. And I will that thendentur of the same ferme be deliued unto my said suster incontinent aft" my decesse. Itm I bequeth unto my cosyn Thomas Hervy myn state and termes of yeres which that I haue to come of and into the tenementes called the Dogge and the Shippe in Estchepe in the pisshe of Seynt Clementes aforesaid and in seynt Leonardes. And I will that thendentures of the same houses be deliued unto my said cosyn Thomas assone aft' my decesse as is possible. It I bequeth unto my sūnt William Anderby xx in money. It I bequeth unto John ffelix xx3. It I bequeth unto Richard ffelix xxo. It I will that my, moder or hir Executo's fynde the said John ffelix to gram scoole and to writting scole by the space of a yere aft" my decesse. The Residue of all my goods moevable and unmoevable aft my dettes paid my burying done and this my p'sent testament in all thinges fulfilled I geve and bequeth unto the forsaid Mawde my moder she therewt to doo ordeyne and dispose hir owne freewill for eūmore. Which Mawde my moder I make and ordeyne executrice of this my p❜sent testament. In witnesse wherof to this my p'sent testament I haue setto my seale. Youen the day and yer aforesaid." 36 Holgrave.

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The xxixth day of the moneth of July In the yere of of lord god m1 vo and viij. I Thomas Hervy bocher of the pisshe of seynt Oluff in Suthwerk in the diocise of Winchester beyng hole of

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