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634. [Royal arms.] By His Excellency | Jonathan Belcher Esq;...A Proclamation | for Apprehending Gyles du Lake Tidmarsh. Dated, November 9, 1733. Boston: Printed by J. Draper, Printer to His Excellency the Governour and Council. 1733.


"To be sold by Gyles Dulake Tidmarsh at No. 4 on the Long Wharff, Womens Silk and Braded Shoes, Boxes of Pickels, Castle Sope, Loaf Sugar, Cocoa, and very good Spanish Snuff in half pound Pots." Boston Gazette, February 19, 1721[−22.]

635. Oaths appointed to be taken instead of the Oaths of | Allegiance & Supremacy: And Declaration. Dated in Ms. February 7, 1732[-33.] † MA

2 leaves. Archives, XLVIII. 498; LXXII. 411.

636. A Poem | In Memory of that Pious Servant and Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Isaac Cushman ... † BPL 637. A Poem | Upon the Deaths, and in Memory of Two Eminent and Faithful Stewards and Servants of Christ, viz. the Reverend Mr. Isaac Cushman, . . . | And | Dr. Caleb |. Loring † BPL

Isaac Cushman was first pastor of the Church in Plympton, died, October 21, 1732, and Dr. Loring was physician of the same town, died, December 22, 1732.

638. Portsmouth New Hampshire, Decem. 27, 1733. Whereas Paul Gerrish, Esq. being imployed and licensed to cut White Pine Trees for Masts, Yards and Bowsprits for the Use of His Majesty's Navy. [Boston: 1733.]

A copy of the King's license to Ralph Gulston. Evans, 3715, attributes this to Boston.

T., M.

639. Some Consolatory Reflections and Lamentations, | Occasioned by the premature Deaths of three of the Children of | Capt. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Hinckley, of Barnstable: (17321733.)

Signed M. T.



640. Advertisement. | Whereas an Advertisement was Yesterday dispers'd about this Town, in order to prejudice Mr. Cox in his Business of Bookselling here, signed by D. Henchman and T. Hancock, Bookbinders in Boston . . . Dated, March 31, 1733.



641. Bond given by a Settler in a New Town [Paquoag]. MA Archives, CXIV. 99.


642. The Declaration & Confession | of Matthew Cushing, A Young Man aged about Twenty two Years, who was Try'd | for Burglary... which he deliver'd to us on Tuesday Sept. 24 and confirm'd the same before credible Witnesses the Day of his Execution, to be published for the benefit of Mankind. Printed with "A few Lines," see under Ormsby, No. 652, infra. † BPL HARVARD COLLEGE.

643. Quaestiones.

644. Theses.

Evans, 3780.




645. Proposals | Offered to Consideration, | Wherein | The Good of this Province is aimed at. Dated, Boston, March 1, 1733[-34.]


pp. 4. Evans, 3717. The copy in BPL is endorsed in Ms.: "The Honble. Thomas Hutchinson Esqr. Scheme."


646. The Report of the Committee of the General Court relating to the Settlement of North- | Yarmouth, with the Order of Court for accepting the same in their sitting begun Jan. 29. 1733[-34].

pp. 3. Archives, xvii. 693.


647. By His Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq; . . . A Proclamation for apprehending Jonathan Sprague [of Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island]. Dated, February 23, 1733[-34].

Printed in the Boston Weekly News-Letter, February 28, 1734.

648. [Royal arms.] By His Excellency | Jonathan Belcher, Esq;...A Proclamation for a publick | Thanksgiving. [November 7.] Boston: Printed by John Draper, Printer to His Excellency the Governour and Council. 1734.

Evans, 3793.


649. A list of the Polls, and of the Estates, Real and Personal of the several Proprietors and Inhabitants of the Town of in the County of (taken pursuant to an Act of the General Court of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay,

intitled, An Act for inquiring into the Rateable Estates of this Province, passed in the Eighth Year of his present Majesty's Reign, by the Subscribers, Assessors in said Town, duly elected and sworn, Viz.

The act was passed in the session of May 1734.



650. Proposals for printing by Subscription, a Hebrew Grammar. [Boston: Printed by Jonas Green. 1734.]


Evans, 3798. Reproduced in Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No. 22, frontispiece.


651. The Last Speech and Dying Words of John Ormsby, Who was appointed to be Executed on Boston Neck, the 17th of October, 1734. | Written with his own Hand, the Day before he was to suffer. . Boston, Printed and sold by Thomas Fleet, at the Heart and Crown in Cornhill. 1734. † BPL 652. A few Lines | Upon the awful Execution of | John Ormesby & Matth. Cushing, October 17th. 1734. | One for Murder, the other for Burglary. [Cut.] Printed and Sold at the Printing House in Queen-street, over against the Prison. † BPL See note to No. 642, supra.

653. A Mournful Poem on the Death of John Ormsby and Matthew Cushing, who were appointed to be executed on Boston Neck, the 17th of October, 1734. [Cut.] Sold at the Heart and Crown in Boston. † BPL


654. Advertisement of intention to settle two towns on the western side of St. George's River, in the Eastern parts of this Province. Dated Boston, March 3, 1734.


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655. Whereas it is industriously Reported (as I imagine with design at this Juncture, to Prejudice the Honourable Elisha Cooke, Esq; in the good Opinion of the Freeholders and Voters of this Town ... Dated May 7, 1734. † Lc. BPL

Affidavits on his having drank the health of Colonel Dunbar. Issued by the same printer as printed the "Covenant for Reformation," 1728, No. 545, supra.


656. Quaestiones.



No. 652. The same cut as on No. 679, Henderson.

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