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In the original edition of the "Cloud," the gravestone is said to have been in Eastwood, but this is evidently a mistake, for Paisley is the place where it has always been. The monument, which is a handsome obelisk, was erected in 1835.-ED.]


"This is the stone tomb of Robert Thom, Thomas Cook, and John Urie, Martyrs for owning the Covenanted Work of Reformation, the 11th of May 1685.

"The bloody murderers of these men

Were Major Balfour and Captain Maitland,
And with them others were not free,
Caus'd them to search in Polmadie.
As soon as they had them out found,
They murder'd them with shots of guns.
Scarce time did they to them allow
Before their Maker their knees to bow.

Many like in this land have been,

Whose blood for vengeance cries to heav'n.

This cruel wickedness you see,

Was done in loan of Polmadie,

This may a standing witness be

"Twixt Presbytry and Prelacy."

[The monument is a single flat stone, six feet and a half in length, by three and a-half in breadth, and when we visited it in 1865, was in good preservation. The lettering has been retouched some years ago. Its style is rare about Glasgow, but common on the martyrs' monuments in Galloway.-ED.]


"Psa. cxii. 6, The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. Here lie Gabriel Thomson and Robert Lockhart, who

were killed for owning the Covenanted Testimony, by a party of Highlandmen and dragoons, under the command of Ardencaple, 1st May 1685

"These men did search through moor and moss,

To find out all that had no pass.

These faithful witnesses were found

And murdered upon the ground.
Their bodies in this grave do lie,

Their blood for vengeance yet doth cry.

This may a standing witness be

For Presbytry 'gainst Prelacy."

[The old monument is alongside of the new one, to which its inscription has been transferred.-Ed.]

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"Here lies the corpse of that famous and faithful preacher of the Gospel, the Rev. Richard Cameron, with the corpses

of several others who were conquered by the bloody enemies of truth and godliness.


'Halt, curious passenger, come and read ;

Our souls triumph with Christ our glorious head,

In self-defence we murdered here do ly,

To witness 'gainst this nation's perjury."

[The stone, when we visited it August 1871, was somewhat broken on one of the sides, and the word "preacher" has been nearly obliterated. Part of the inscription has become quite illegible. The stone in 1832 was set upon a platform some ten feet square, in the centre of which is an obelisk with the following inscription: "Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Richard Cameron, Michael Cameron, John Gemmel, John Hamilton, James Gray, Robert Dick, Captain John Fowler, Thomas Watson, Robert Paterson." The obelisk is towards the east end of the moss, and is a prominent object from the railway between Lugar and Muirkirk stations, about half a mile to the northward.-ED.]


"Here lyes the corpses of William Paterson and John Barrie, who was shot to death for their adhering to the Word of God and our Covenants, anno 1685.

"Here lys two martyrs; severally who fell
By Captains Inglis and by bloody Bell.
Posterity shall know they're shot to death,
As sacrifices unto Popish wrath.”

On the pedestal of the stone-" Renewed by the Reformers of Avondale at the passing of the Reform Bill, anno domini 1832."

IN a GRAVESTONE at BLACKWOOD, in the parish of Lesmahagow.

"Here lyes the corpse of John Brown, who was shot to death, without shadow of law, anno dom. 1685.

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"Here lies the body of John Brown, martyr, who was murdered in this place by Graham of Claverhouse for his testimony to the Covenanted work of Reformation, because he durst not own the authority of the then tyrant destroying the same, who died the first day of May A.D. 1685, and of his age 58.

"In death's cold bed the dusty part here lyes
O f one who did the earth as dust despise.
Here in this place from earth he took departure:
Now he has got the garland of the martyr.

"Butchered by Claverse and his bloody band,
R aging most ravenously over all the land,
Only for owning Christ's supremacy.
Wickedly wronged by encroaching Tyranny,
Nothing how near soever he to good

Esteemed, nor dear for any truth his blood."

[Priesthill is easiest approached from Muirkirk. The monument

is four miles from Muirkirk out on the moor.

The stone is a flat

one five feet in length by two feet six inches in breadth. It has been enclosed by a dyke. Close by it stands an obelisk, with an inscription recording its own erection and the enclosing of the grave in 1826.--ED.]


"Here lies the body of David Steel, martyr, who was murdered by Chrichton for his testimony to the Covenants and work of Reformation, and because he durst not own the authority of the tyrant destroying the same. He was shot at Skellyhill on the 20th of December 1686, in the 33d year of his age.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

"David a shepherd first, and then
Advanced to be king of men,
Had of his graces in this quarter
This heir, a wand'rer, now a martyr,
Who for his constancy and zeal,
Still to the back did prove true Steel.
Who for Christ's royal truth and laws,
And for the covenanted cause

Of Scotland's famous Reformation;

Declining tyrant's usurpation,

By cruel Chrichton murdered lies,

Whose blood to heaven for vengeance cries."



"Here lies And. Hyslop, martyr, shot dead upon this place by Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall, and John Graham of Claverhouse, for adhering to the Word of God, Christ's kingly government in His house, and the Covenanted work of Reformation, against tyranny, perjury, and prelacy, May 12, 1685. Rev. xii. 11."

Halt, passenger, one word with thee or two,

Why I ly here wouldest thou truly know?

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