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the Army on summons and apply for orders but received none, but the answer was this, viz. that there were so many Doctors since the three divisions of the Army were joined, that it was difficult to assign districts to them all.

I never was broke, reprimanded or so much as blamed for any misconduct in my public capacity during the war.

There was a Thomas Tillotson, whom Doctor Potts had put to act in my room, before that I joined the Army in 1777, who was always my secret enemy, and wished me out of the way that he might be Physician and Surgeon General in my room. This man practiced every mischief in his power against me.

In the new arrangement I was amongst the deranged. Up to which time I claim a right to my Wages and Rations. The date of that period I cannot exactly tell, without adverting to the Journals of Congress, which I am not possessed of.

As soon as I can come at the date of the new arrangement, I can make out my account properly, which I shall do and forward it to Congress, accompanied with the petition. In the mean time I wish my compliments to be made to Mrs. Ellery and you Sir, may rest assured, that I remain your sincere Friend and very Humble Servant,

John Bartlett.



Charlston, January 24th, 1793.


I AM all ready for sailing only wate for a wind to get under way. I have taken on board 97 whole and 6 half Cask of Rice and 12 Barrels of Tarr on your account. as for the

Lumber I could not get it unless I gave from 14 to 15 Dollers per thousand. as for Beans there is none to be bought in Charlston at present so that with the Rice and five hogh'ds Tobacco and the Tarr with the cargo brought out I shall sail as soon as I can get out. by the latest accounts from Highspanola the times are very dull there. I shall endeaver to do the best I can. I wrote by Capt. fry the price of rice. I must refer you to Mr. Robinsons letter comes with this about the goods I had of him here. I remain yours,


Porter Prince, february 15, 1793.


THESE may inform you of my arivel here in 17 days from Charlston and am sorry to inform you the badness of the times here on acount of the Blacks revolting from their masters and have burnt a great number of Plantations a few days ago. I inform'd a few days before I got in that the Cape was all up in arms and the armey gone out and no business done there so I came here and find [all] full as bad here or wors and the south side [in] as much Confusion as here the armey went out here a few days ago. the Blacks burnt a great many Plantations here a few days ago and what we all shall do here God only noes. not one Vessel is allow'd to go from here that has got any Provisions on board and nothing scarsely will sell here. here is now in Port 68 sail of Americans. I have sold but one Cask of Rice yet all that I have sold is the chief of the Tobacco for 5 and 51⁄2 Dollers and the few bbls. Tarr for 4 and 4 Dollers not one box Candels nor any thing else on board is sold and when I shall sail from here I no not no more then the Dead. if I could sell my Cargo I shall not trouble you with any molasses it being so scarce and high, bring chiefly Coffe and a little. suger and take in ballast. I have offerd my rice for 22 Levers to take a quantity. no boddy will buy. Sir, I remain yours, SAM'L LAWTON

Price Current

Good when sold

Rice from 22 to 26 Livers Plenty

Spermicetia Candles from 4 to 6 Livers Plenty
Plenty and dull.
Plenty and dull.

Oil from 50 to 55 sou.
Beef from 6 to 7 Doll.
Tobacco from 5 to 4 scarce.
Tarr from 5 to 4 scarce.
Lumber, 13 Dollar Plenty and dull
Mackrel if good 3 Dol. dull
Long staves 14 and 18 Dol. do.

Produce at Present

Molasses 31 Livers hogd. 3 dol. scarce.

Coffe from 16 to 19.

Sugar from 60 to 78.

[Endorsed,] favourd by Cap. Church.


Porter prince, March 2d, 1793.


I FURTHER inform you by this oppertunity of the two letters I wrote before one dated the 16th and one the 27th of my arivel here and the dullness of Trade likewise all kind of amarican produce very plenty indeed as for my Cargo the rice is chiefly sold and glad to get 22 Livers per Ct. there is now in Port 600 Cask for sale some of the Oil on hand and the chief of the Candels not sold. I shall begin to ballast soon. I shall try to sail by the 20th if possible or the last of this month. my Tobacco all sold and Tarr, some Beef on hand yet. as for molasses I think it so high that the last accounts from home will not do to purchase here at 30 and 31.10 besides the Cask. Plenty of poor Coffe and sugar for sail Coff from 16 to 19 sou sugar from 66 to 78. I shall endeavour to get some of the Candles sold before I sail. a very dull place here for Candels and what Rauthbone brought here has suply'd the market and now here is in Port Minro and Pirce from Providence with a great quantity of them. Sir I remain your humble Servant


Prices Current

Beef 7 Dol.

Pork 12 to 12

flour super. 7 Dol.

Rice 21.10 to 22 Liver dull

Spermiceti Cand.


Mackrel 3 to four Dol.

[Endorsed,] favored by Cap. Baker.

Oil 52.12.6 dull.
Tobacco 5 to 5
Tarr 4 to 4
Molasses 30 to 31.10
Sugar 66 to 78.

Coff. 16 to 19 sou.


Porterprince, March 11, 1793.


I IMBRACE this oppertunity as this Vessel sails for Newyork I acquaint you I am in hopes to sail in about 10 or 12 days as my cargo is mostly sold times are very dull here yet and great Plenty of American produce from all parts coming in daily. I shall bri[n]g you about 10 or 12 hogst. Molasses by way of ballast that will cost 31 Livres per C. and the cask 3 Dollers the remainder of the cargo in Coffe I have sold the Chief of the rice as I wrote you before for 22 Livres by Capt. Baker dated 2d Inst. since that most all the oil at 50 Sue. 30 boxes Candles sold at Luegan for £3.15. I would a ballast with salt but I think the Brig makes to much water to venture with it. I have got on board a few hogh'd molasses a bout 7000 wt Coffe cost from 16 to 18 sue. the remainder I shall purchase in a few days and some stone ballast. there is more or less Plantations burning every night by the Negroes while I am now writing there is two on fire not many miles of. I shall be very glad to get away from here. I may write once more before I sail. as for the Price Current much the same or wors then the last. Sir I remain your humble Servant


Sir, Plese to inform my family we are all well on board. S. L.

[Endorsed,] favourd by Capt. Barnad.


Elfinore the 10 July 1793.

Cape. JanubLawton

Jo. William Fenwich:

For Portcharges in the Sound


Lightmoney for the Ship and Cargo M5

Passmoney and Cuftomhouse Officers fees....



Guard Ship

British Poormoney and Church





Agio Current a 3 Stivers



- 32



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