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MEMORANDUM upon what conditions Chris: Champlin will furnish Messrs. Lawson, Price and Co. with Sundry articles for Equiping and putting to Sea their new Schooner now in this Harbour, vizt.

For Russha Duck, Ravens Duck and Cordage, Barr Iron, for the Smith, Provisions, including every other Article where money is paid either to Tradesmen, Labourers, Capt. and Seamen, Clearing at the Custom house etc. shall be considered as Solid Coin, which said Price and Co. shall stipulate to pay said Champlin or his order in Solid Coin at Charleston South Carolina, by the Fifteenth of January, 1789, or in Rice at the Market Price at said Charleston, on January 15th, 1789, Allowing and Creditting said Champlin in Account with the difference of Exchange between the paper Currency of said Charleston, Carolina, and Solid Coin, provided the Amount is paid in Rice. But for the Amount of such parts of Tradesmens Bills and all other articles furnished for said Equipment without money being paid, said Champlin will receive of said Price and Co., at said Charleston on January 15th, 1789, in good Rice at the Market price for which said Price and Co. must stipulate to pay.

A Commission of three per Cent must be allow'd said Champlin upon the Advance for contexting with the different persons collecting, paying, and adjusting the whole Accounts. A like Commission of three per Cent said Price Co. agrees to charge said Champlin upon any Merchandize which said Champlin may ship to their Address also they agree to charge said Champlin three per Cent upon any Merchandize which they may purchase and ship for his Account at Charleston aforesaid.

Newport, September 18th, 1788.

N. B. Shoud said Champlin ship to our adress at Charleston per our new Schooner aforesaid, it is agreed the Freight thereof shall be at one Silver Dollar

per Hhhd.


1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.


Hamburg, the 7 October, 1788.


FAVORED with your much esteemed of the 22d July, we have the pleasure to wait on you with the desired information relating to the East india Cotton wool.

This article may be imported here without any restraint, but as the Cotton trade commonly depends on the Wool imported from Smirna and there adjaicent quarters, which together with the West india Cotton generaly supply the European Manufactures, we find them from East india to be little known. However parcels of whatever consequence may be run off at a price adequate to quality compared with the Smirna Cotton. Here a parcel of Surate Wool was imported some Years ago, the quality of which was like to the inferior Smirna Cotton, and then sold at 22 to 24d, Smirna Cotton of common quality standing at the same price. This price since rose up, and is now at 27. to 28d. but with appearance of a fall again, demand having remarkably relapsed some Time since. Thus it appears that the East india Wool alike in quality to the common Smirna, such as the above mentioned might fetch between 24 and 27d Banco a li, with 8 per Ct. Discount, any unforeseen revolution excepted. This price of 24 to 27d is equal Exchange at 35 Shil. a £ sterling, to 12 to 14% pence Sterling a pound.

Inclosed a performa Account Sales, which will further enable you to make an exact Calculation. You will easily conceive that without seeing the quality of the Wool, we cannot be fully possitif to the price, but what we said will be sufficient to give you an Idea of the market. We may add that ours must allways offer better Sales then the Dutch, as this place is nearer to provide the Northern manufactories, which are our constant Customers, and this article will allways command a ready sale in as much as the price of what you send can sustain an equality with the Cottons before mentioned. Depend upon our activity and care for your interest, and remain fully assured that they will be managed to the best advantage possible.

We are sorry to have been deprived of your worthy commands ever since your Brigg Richmond Captain Green was here. It would aford us a deal of pleasure to see you dispose of our Services on more frequent Ocasions.



Tobaccos allways command a current sale; prices running at 3 to 31/ the common young Maryland, sound brown 3 to 4/ colored 4 to 1/. Yellow 5 to 5. fine yellow 6/. sweet scent 3 to 5/. according to quality. Hemp is in demand; Petersburg clean 71 to 72 M. Outcast 65 to 66 M. half clean 61 to 62 M. per 280 li. Tea Bohea 141 to 1, with some apearance of rising. Further particulars please to be referred to the inclosed Price current. We most respectfully remain, Sir, Your most obedient and humble Servants


[Endorsed,] Per Captain Whippy.


St. Petersburg, the 28th November, 1788.


On the 5th September we had the honour to waite upon you last, and at large; all which confirm and are in expectation of your kind reply, hoping the Draft of Captain Benjamin Page for £1050 upon Messrs. Brown and Francis at Providence has been duely accepted and forwarded to London before receipt of this. We also hope to hear soon, that Captain Benjamin Peirce is safe arrived with you and flatter ourselves, the Hemp sent you by him has given Contentment as likewise that we shall be honoured with your worthy Commands next year, in which you may depend on our utmost Endeavours for your Interest and to gain your satisfaction. Herewith take the Liberty to waite upon you with List of this years Exports by British and American Ships for your Amusement and Speculations, and as soon as the general Exports are to be had shall not fail to provide you with it.

Since the 6th Instant our Rivers are shutt up with Ice. In

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Trade and Contracts of Russ Goods not very brisk yet; The price of Clean Hemp on Contract stands at Ro. 201 with all the Money down now, and at Ro. 22 with Ro. 21 per Berkowitz beforehand the Hemp deliverable in June and July next; For Clean Hemp remaining after shipping and laying on the Spot is paid Ro. 231 per Berkowitz and all the Money now. If any stronger demand should appear, it is very likely the prices may rise. Twelve heads Flax has been bought on Contract at Ro. 29, with all the Money beforehand, but no more Sellers at this price. Of the other Sorts Hemp and Flax cannot be said any thing as no purchases nor offers have been made yet. For Candle Tallow on Contract is paid Ro. 35 and for Soap Tallow Ro. 31 per Berkowitz all the Money beforehand. Of Yellow Wax, Wax and Tallow Candles no prices yet. Old Sable Iron from 130 Co. to 133 Co. and new Sable Iron from 118 to 125 Co. per pood. We have here no Manufactory Goods left at Market after shipping. New Supplies will come by Sledge Way, but no prices to be noted. it is however not to be expected they will be lower as the last at Shipping which have been for Flems from Ro. II to 12, for Ravenducks from Ro. 8 to 9 per piece, for Drillings from 19 to 21 Co. per arsheen for broad plain Linnen from Ro. 120 to Ro. 180, for narrow plain Linnen from Ro. 80 to 95, for broad Diaper from Ro. 110 to 125, and for narrow Diaper from Ro. 85 to 95, for Crash Ro. 42 to 50, all per 1000 arsheens. Of Sail Cloth we have 7300 pieces at Market of sundry sorts, the last prices have been from Ro. 8 to 11 per piece. how the prices of all these Linnens and Manufactory Goods may be when we gett supplies and against and during next year, is not possible to tell, but hardly to be expected lower than the above mentioned. We shall not fail to waite upon you with our further Advices. in the mean time recommend ourselves in the Continuances of your Favours and Friendship and remain in all your Commands most respectfully, Gentlemen, Your most obedient humble Servants,

EDWARD JAMES SMITH AND Co. Amsterdam 31 to 31s. London 32 to 321 d.

The inclosed for Captain Benjamin Peirce beg to deliver with our best Compliments.


St. Petersburg, the 16th February, 1789.


WE had the honour to waite upon you last the 28th November last year the Contents of which confirm and beg leave to refer to.

Last British mail brought us your much esteemed Favour of the 15th December last with Copys of your Letter to our mutual Friend Nicholas Ryberg Esqr. at Copenhagen, and of the acceptance made by Messrs. Brown and Francis at Providence upon the Drafts for £1050. Sterling of Captain Benjamin Page on them; We have duely observed all you please to mention with regard this Business as well in your Letter to said our Copenhagen Friend, as in that to us. We are very sorry for the Trouble you have had with this Affair, and not only approve intirely your management and the care for our Interest, but beg you will also accept of our sincerest thanks for all; we hope the acceptance of Messrs. Brown and Francis will be punctually respected by Peter Whiteside Esqr. at London, and in its time the Money paid there to our Friends Messrs. John William Anderson and Co. of whom expect by the next mail their Advice and whether the Drafts are accepted by P. Whiteside Esqr., by which then every thing will run off in good order.

It gives us much pleasure to observe in your favour, the Hemp we sent you last year by Captain Benjamin Peirce reached you in good condition, has given satisfaction and is come to a good Market. We flatter ourselves to give you allways the same in any Commands you will please to favour us with, as also that Captain Peirce will come next summer to our house and we shall have to execute all your Commands per your Brig the Elizabeth, which we observe you are preparing sending out again; You may depend, we shall observe

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