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Feb. 4 1616-17

Mary Yeomans of All Hallows Stayning, daughter of John Yeomans of All Hallows, merchant tailor, she a maiden of 28; then appeared Simon Wood, of St. John's Walbroke, merchant tailor, and testified, etc.; at All Hallows Stayning.

Feb. 12 George Traske of St. Mary Strand als Savoy, Middlesex, cordwainer, desireth license between John Traske of St. Sepulchre's, London, clerk, widower, aged 32 years, and Dorothy Coone (?) of St. Sepulchre's, maiden, aged 32, her parents dead and she at her own government.

Feb. 17

Thomas Jones of St. Bride's, blacksmith, widower, aged 35, and Mrs. Anne Challoner, widow of Christopher Challoner, draper, deceased a year since, and she aged 33; at St. Trinity, Minories.


April 12 John Ritch of Milton, Kent, gent, a widower aged 40 and upwards, and Elizabeth Goodwin of Lambeth, Surrey, widow, aged 38, relict of Henry Goodwin, fisherman, deceased about a year since; at Fulham.

May 29 Richard Stoddard of St. Peter's, Cornhill, skinner, desires license for one John Saoss(?), a bachelor aged 24, and one Jane delabarr, maiden, aged 18, daughter of Robert Delabarr, merchant; at Twickenham.

June 17

Robert Whiting of Etton, Northampton, gent, a bachelor aged 21, son of Giles Whiting, parson of Etton, and Judith Thorowgood, maiden, of Eastham, Essex, aged 17 and more, daughter of Jeffery Thorowgood late of Eastham, Essex, gent, deceased, and her mother also, and with the full consent of Mr. Dr. Whiting1 with whom she now remaineth; at Eastham.

Thomas Kinge of St. Thomas, Southwark, leather

I have the wills of John Whiting, D.D., and others of his family. H. F. W.

June 17 1617

seller, a bachelor aged 28, a freeman of the City and at his own government, and Anne Gent, maiden, aged 16, daughter of Thomas Gent, late of St. Edmund's, Lumbard street, vintner, deceased; then appeared Anne Gent, of St. Thomas aforesaid, widow, the natural mother of the said Anne, and gave her express consent; at All Hallows Barking. xxviii Junij Wch daie appeared Robert Kaynel of St. Michaell, in Cornehill London, M'chantayler and a batcheler aged xxiiijty yeres or thereaboutes and at his owne gov't and did allege that he intendeth to marie wth one Anne Mansfeild maiden aged xxjty yeres or thereaboutes the daughter of Mansfeild late of Henly in the Countie of Buck gent. dec. longe since.

And then appeared Wm Jackson curate of St. Michaell's aforesaid and testified of his owne knowl

This is our Robert Kayne of Boston. Col. Chester has entered the name as Cokayne and makes a note: "The commencement of his name eaten away but the 'Kayne' distinct." I examined it closely and was assisted in the examination by Our associate Mr. Frank F. Starr. We both agreed that Kayne was the entire name; there was a wormhole just before it, but not the slightest traces of any writing; nor was there quite room enough for another syllable; and the first letter of the name was a great K, such as would naturally begin the name. Moreover the parish registers of St. Michael Cornhill, published by the Harleian Society, confirm all this, as the following extracts will show:


1618, May 14, Benjamin Kaine, son of Robt and Ann Kaine.
1620, June 15, John Kaine, son of Robert and Ann Kaine.

1622, May 9, Joseph, son of Robart and An Keayne.

1624, Oct. 18, John, son of Robart Keayne and Ann his wife.


1621, Mar. 27, John Kaine, son of Robt and Anne Kaine.

1625, Jan. 16, John, son of Robart and Ann Keayne.
1626, Mar. 28, Joseph, son of Robart and Ann Keayne.
1633, Feb. 10,


Mansfield, mother of Mrs. Cane in Bergin (Birching?)

Mr. Robert Keayne of Boston, according to Savage, was a member of the Merchant Taylors' Company of London and came in the Defence 1635, with wife Ann and son Benjamin. He was one of the founders of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery company and died 23 March, 1656. His widow was married, 16 Oct., 1660, to Samuel Cole. For notices of the Keayne family see N. E. Hist. Gen Reg., vol. VI, pp. 89-92, 152-8; XXV, 277. See also my Gleanings, Part I, pp. 1, 2, 55; Part II, pp. 152, 153. H. F. W.

Since the above was put in type I have received from Capt. Albert A. Folsom of

June 17 1617

July 8 t

July 23 +

edge that Mrs.

Mansfeild of Henley aforesaid widdowe mother to the said Anne is privie and consentinge to this intended marriag etc.; St. Michaell.

Reignolde Branche of St. Savior's Southwark, tailor, a bachelor aged 26 and at his own government, and Elizabeth Winterrup of the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London, widow, of the age of 40 years, relict of John Winterrup, gent, deceased; at St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, London. Robert Turner of St. Michael's Cornhill, bachelor, free

of the Co. of Drapers, aged about 27 and at his own government, and Susan Bartholomew of St. Michael's aforesaid, maiden, aged about 25, daughter of Bartholomew of Winsor, Berks. ; husbandman, who giveth his consent; at St. Michael's etc.

Aug. 5 Thomas Carter of London, vintner, bachelor, free of the city, aged about 28, at his own government, and Joane Smith of St. Botolph Bishopsgate, widow, aged about 30, late wife of Smith, gent,

Boston, whose interest in the history of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co., is so well known, the following new matter.




Herewith I send you record of Robert Keayne in Merchant Tailors' Co.




Apprentice Book.

Robert Keyne, son of John Keyne, of Windsor, in the County of Berks, Butcher, bound himself apprentice to John Heyfield, of Birchin Lane, for 8 years, from 9 March, 1606-4 James I.

Freeman's Book.

Robert Keyne, admitted to the Freedom of the Company by servitude to John Heyfield on 17 April, 1615 - 13 James I.

I certify that the above are true extracts from the books of the Merchant Tailors' Company.

Merchant Tailors' Hall, London, E. C,

6 Dec. 1881.


Aug. 5 1617

deceased a year and a half since; at St. Botolph's without Algate.

Aug. 11 Jonathan Thurgood of Furnix Pelham, Herts., yeoman, bachelor, aged about 28, and at his own government, and Rebecca Knight of Duddinghurst, Essex, maiden, aged about 25, daughter of John Knight late of Duddinghurst, yeoman, deceased, and her mother also, and she now sole and at her own government; then also appeared Allen Convers1 of Burntwood in said Co., grocer, and testifieth; at Childerditch, Essex.

[signed by Allen Convers.]

Aug. 19 Thomas Bury of St. Lawrence in the old Jewry, London, leatherseller, a bachelor, aged about 30, at his own government, and Jane Stoughton of the City of London, maiden, aged about 22, daughter of William Stoughton,2 late while he lived of Walford in the Co. of Surrey Esq., deceased, and she at her own government; and then also appeared Nathaniel Stoughton of the parish of All Hallows in Lumbert Street, London, goldsmith, brother of the said Jane, and gave express consent to this marriage and saith that Elizabeth Stoughton, the mother of the said Jane, knoweth thereof and is consenting thereto; at St. Peter's by Paul's Wharf. [signed] Nath Stoughton. Peter Molbone of St. Dunstan's, bachelor, aged 31,

Aug. 19

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and Prudence Stone of St. Andrew's Holborn, widow of Symon Stone, late of the same parish, gent, deceased three years since, she upwards of 33 years old. [Against this, on the margin, was written "vacat."]

1 See Convers Wills in my Gleanings, Part III, p. 237. H. F. W. I have numerous wills relating to the Stoughton family. Colonel Chester's extract not only omits the ages of the parties and the fact that Mr. Bury was a bach elor, but leaves out entirely the clause which shows that the maiden was a sister of Nathaniel Stoughton, the goldsmith of London, and that her mother was still living. The new facts enable us to fix the family to which she belonged as living in Guilford, Surrey, not Walford, as in my extract, or Watford, as Colonel Chester has it. For their pedigree see Visitation of London, 1633-4. H. F. W.

Aug. 20 1617

Robert Leeson1 of St. Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex, "putherer," a bachelor aged about 26, and Mary Chamberlain of St. Mary Islington, Middlesex, spinster, aged about 22, daughter of Matthew Chamberlaine, late of St. Mary Aldermanbury, innkeeper, deceased; Richard Sadler of St. Austen's, London, merchant tailor, appeared and testifieth that John Waterworth of Islington, innkeeper, being father in law unto the said Mary, in whose tuition and government she now remaineth, is willing and consenting; at St. James Clerkenwell.

Sept. 6 William Moseley of St. Lawrence, old Jewry, merchant tailor, bachelor, aged about 29 and at his own government, and Abigail Smith, maiden, of St. Helen's, aged about 27, daughter of William Smith, late of Stratford at Bow, Middlesex, clerk, deceased long since; then appeared Mary Mann of St. Ethelburgh, London, widow, mother of the said Abigail, who giveth her express consent; at St. Bennet's Paul's Wharf.

Nov. 10 Mr. Edward Marbury, clerk, parson of St. James Garlickhithe, London, a bachelor aged about 32, and Margaret Caue, maiden, now of the same parish, aged about 20, daughter of Henry Cave, late of Ingersbey, Co. Leic., Esq., deceased; appeared Lewes Marbury of Clifford's Inn, gent., and testified of his own knowledge that Elizabeth Cave, widow, being mother unto the said Margaret, is willing and consenting; at St. James, aforesaid.

Dec. 1 Henry Barefoot [as he writes it] of St. Giles Cripplegate, whitebaker, bachelor, aged about 33, and Rose Hewett of the same parish, maiden, aged about 18, daughter of William Hewett, of the same, chandler, who is willing and consenting; at St. Giles, etc.

'I am bearing in mind these names of Leeson and Chamberlain in the hope, some day, of getting through them more light on the Washington problem. H. F. W.

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