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ton: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to his Excellency | the Governor and the Honorable his Majesty's Council. 1763.

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1302. (Royal arms.) By His Excellency | Francis Bernard, Esq;l. . : | A Proclamation for a public Thanksgiving. (December 8.) Dated, November 3, 1763. Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to his Excellency the Governor and the Honorable his / Majesty's Council. 1763.

Evans, 9436. 1303. Pay warrant, issued by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Council. 1304. Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. (Royal arms.) The Honourable Harrison Gray, Esq; Treasurer. (Tax warrant). Dated, November 21, 1763. .

EI 1305. Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Francis Bernard, Esq; l... Military commission, engraved. Dated, [March 3.] 176 [3.] 1306. Omnibus Christi Fidelibus ad quos Literae Praesentes | pervenerunt. (Ship's papers.) 1307. (No. 5.) To | Your Province Tax. | Lawful Money. || Your Town and County Rate. | Lawful Money. Dated, 1763.




SAVAGE, SAMUEL PHILLIPS. · 1308. (I] Promise to pay unto Samuel Phillips Savage, or Bearer. on Demand, being for Value received by a Premium of Insurance

MHS 1309. A Valedicion, For New Year's Day. 1763. Signed "Philanthropos.”

† PHS This may not be a Boston issue, though the typographical ornaments would show it to be more than probably one.

1764 1310. Buy the | Truth, I and I sell it not. (Cut.]

MAS An issue of the poem was made in 1764 in Providence, by William Goddard, “by particular Request of a worthy honest old Gentleman, who is zealous for the Cause of Truth, and anxious for the Welfare of his Fellow-Creatures.” A copy is in the John Carter Brown Library. DORCHESTER. 1311. Tax bill.

MHS HARVARD COLLEGE. 1312. Catalogus.

HC 1313. Theses.

Evans, 9689, 9690. GREAT BRITAIN. 1314. Two | Acts of Parliament, | One passed in the Sixth Year of the Reign of King George the Second: For Encouraging the Trade of the British Sugar | Colonies. | The other, passed in the Fourth Year of the Reign of King George the Third: For Granting certain Duties in the British Colonies. (Royal arms.) London: Printed by the King's Printer. Boston, N. E. Re-printed by Richard Draper, Prin- | ter to His Excellency the Governor and the Honorable | His Majesty's Council of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. M.DCC.LXIV.

TAAS pp. 459_477. Two editions of these pages of the Acts and Laws (1759 and additions) were issued, one without a title and the other as cited above. They also differ "in the captions on pages 459, 464, in the Royal arms on pages 459, 464, and in the arrangement of lines; and in one edition the W in 'Whereas,' the first word of the Act beginning on page 459, is a plain four-line letter, while in the other edition it is an ornamental initial letter.” There are also variations in paging. In some copies pages 460, 461, and 462 are correctly given, in others they are 160, 161, 162, or 160, 161, 164; also pages 464-479 are in some correctly numbered, in others, they are misnumbered 469 to 477, and in others pages 470, 473, 474 appear as 670, 463, 674. See Ford-Matthews, Bibliography of the Laws of Massachusetts-Bay, 454. Evans, 9682.

1315. An Account of the Fire at Harvard-College, I in Cambridge; with the Loss sustained thereby. Dated, January 25, 1764. Boston: Printed by R. and S. Draper. I 1764. BPL. KENNEBECK PROPRIETORS. 1316. Deed.



pp. 2.


MASSACHUSETTS-BAY PROVINCE. 1317. A Bill, / Now pending in the House of Representatives, and published by their Order, for the Consideration of the several Towns in this Province. A Bill intituled, An Act for regulating the Whale Fishery.

MHS pp. 3. See Journal of the House of Representatives, November 3, 1764. 1318. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; . . . A Proclamation For Proroguing the General Court (to April 18). Dated, March 10, 1764.

Printed in the Massachusetts Gazette, March 15, 1764. 1319. (Royal arms.) By His Excellency | Francis Bernard, Esq;1. | A Proclamation for a General Fast, (April 12.) Dated, March 14, 1764. Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to his Excellency the Governor and the Honorable his Majesty's Council. 1764.

BA. AAS Evans, 9729. 1320. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; A Proclamation For proroguing the General Court (to April 25). Dated, March 31, 1764.

Printed in the Massachusetts Gazette, April 5, 1764. 1321. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; . . . A Proclamation For Proroguing the General Court (to September 5). Dated, July 9, 1764.

Printed in the Massachusetts Gazette, July 12, 1764. 1322. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; A Proclamation For Proroguing the General Court (to October 10). Dated, August 15, 1764.

Printed in the Massachusetts Gazette, August 16, 1764. 1323. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; . . . A Proclamation (on enforcing law on trading with the Indians.) Dated, August 16, 1767.

Printed in the Massachusetts Gazelte, August 23, 1764. 1324. By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; . . . A Proc


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An Account of the Fire at Harvard-College,

in Cambridge ; with the Lofs sustained thereby.


CAMBRIDGE, JAN. 25. 156+ -All the Fathers, Greek and Latin, in their Under the head of Mechanics, there were ma.

best editions. - A great number of tracts in chines for experiments of falling bodies, of the AST righe IIARVARD COLLEGE, defence of revealed religion, wore by the most centre of gravity, and of contulugal forces : -- the fuffered the most ruinous lofs it ever met masterly hants, in the lat and present century -- several mechanical powers, balances of different with since its foundation. In the middle Sermons of the most celebrated English divices, forts, levers, pulles, axes in peritrochio, wedges

of a very tempestuous night, a severe cold both of the establutherd national church and pro- compound engines ; with curious models of cach. norm of snow attended with high wind, we were tellant difenere :--Tracts upon all the branches in brals. awaked by the alarni of fire. Harvard Hall, the' of polemic divinity ?^ The donation of the Bene- In Hydrolatics, very nice balances, jars and only one of our ancient buildings which ftill re- rable Society for propagating the Gospel in foreign bottles of various fizes fitted with brals caps, vermained, and the repolicory of our most valuable parts, confiling of a great many volumes of tracts sels for proving the grand hydroftatic Paradox, treasures, the public LIBRARY and Philosophical against Popery, publithed in the Reigns of Charles liphons, g'ass models of pumps, hydrostatic baAPPARATUS, was seen in times. As it was a ll, and James II, the Balean lectures, and other lance, &c. time of vacation, in which the students were all the most clteered Englih fermions :--. valva- In Pneumaties, there was a number of different disperled, not a single person was left in any of the be colletion of modern theulogical treatises, pre- tubes for the Torricellion experiment, a large dou. Colleges except two or three in that part of fented by the Right Pev. Dr. Sterlock, late Lord ble-barreli'd Air pump, with a great variety of Majlack safells molt distant from Harvard, where Bishop of London, the Rev. Dr. Hales, F.R. S. receivers of different sizes and thapes ; fyrir.ges

, the fire could not be perceived till the whole tur- and Dr. Wilson of London :-A valt number of exhaufting and .condensing : Barometer, There rounding air began to be illuminated by it: When philological mas, containing the rudiments of al. mometer : --with many other articles. it was discovered from the town, it had risen to most all languages, ancient and modern :-The In Optics, there were leveral forts of mirrors, a degree of violence that defied all oppolition. It Hebrew, Greek and Roman antiquities. The concave, convex, cylindric ; Lenses of different is conjectured to have begun in a beam under the Greek and Roman Claflies, presented by the lare foci ; inflrumenes for proving the fundamental Learth in the library, where a fire had been kept excellent and catholic-spirited Bihop Berkeley ; law of retraction ; l'risms, with the whole appafor the use of the General Court, now seliding most of then the best editions :- Alarge Collec- ratus for the Newtonian theory of light and colors; and fitting here, by realon of the Small-Pox at tion of Hiltry and biographical cracks, ancient and the camera obscura, &c. Boston: from thence it burst out into the Libra; modern. Differtations on various Political subjects And a variety of instruments for milcellaneous ty. The books cafly fubmitted to the fury of — The Tranfactions of the Royal Society, Aca- purposes. the faire, which with a rapid and irrefifluble pro. demy of Sciences in France, Acta Eruditorum, gress made its way into the Apparatus-Chamber, Miscellanea curioft, the works of Boyle and New. THE following articles were afterwards font and spread thro' the whole building. In a very ton, with a great variety of cther mathematical us by Mr. Thomas Holi, Nephew to chat geshort time, this venerable Monument of the Piety and philosophical treatises. --A collection of the neruus Gentleman, viz. an Orrery, an armillary of our Ancestors was tuin'd into an heap of ruins molt approved Medical Authors, chiefly prefenied. Sphere, and a box of Microscopes; all of cxquiThe other Colleges, Storg bien-Hall and Malla by Mr. James, of the itind of Januaica ; to which he workmanship. buferis-Hall, were in the utmost hazard of tha: Dr. Meat and other Gentlemen made very For Alremony, we had before been supplied with ring the same fate. The wind driving the feming considerable additions: Also Anatomical cuts Telescopes of differoot lengths ; one of 24 fest ; cinders directly upon their roofs, they Uazed oud and two compleat Stations of ferenc fexes and a brass Quadrant of 2 tretyadius, carrying a fautiai cities in different pices; nor could the guy I his collection would hive been very ferviceable Telescope of a greator kngen'; which formerly have been saved by all the help the Towa could to a Profesor of Physic and Analony, when the belonged to the celebrated Dr. Halley. We had afturd, bad it not been for the aflistance of the revenues of the College thould have been fuffici- also the most ufetul inftrum:nts for Dialling Gordlemen of the General Court, among whom.ent to subsint a gentleman in this character.-A and for Saroying, a brats femiciels, with plain his Excellency the Governor was very ative ; lew ancient and valuable Manuscripts in different lights and magnetic needle. All', a curious Tcwho, notwittítanding the extreme rigor of the languages. - A pair of excellent new Globes of the lelcope, with a complete apparatus for taking the fcafun, exerted the mlelves in supplying the town largest lize, prefented by Andrew Oliver, jun. difference of Level; lately presented by CharittoEngine with water, which they were obliged to Elq; - A variety of Curiofities natural and arsifi- pher Kilby, Esq; feich at last from a distante, iwo of the College cul, both of American and foreigo produce- Many very valuable additions have of lite years punips being then rendered useless. Even the font of Greek types which, as we had not yet been made to this apparatus by several generous now and beautiful Hollis. Hall, though it was on a printing office, was reported in the library) pre- benefators, whom it would be ingratitude na to the windward Giur, hardly escaped. It lout loʻtented tý our great benctactor the late worthy commemorate here, as no veftiges of their condnear to Harrard, that the flames actually seized Thomas Holli, Esq; of London ; whose picture, tionis remain

We are under obligation to men. ir, and, if they had not been immediately luppretled, as large as the vie, and intitutions for two lo- tion particularly, the late Sir Peter Warren, Kne. must have carried it.

fellorthips and ten Scholarships, perished in the Sir Henry Frankland, Bart. Hon. Jonathan BelBut by the Bleming of God on the vigorous Nanes. Some of the most confiderable adri- cher, Elg, L! Governor of Nova Scotia ; Tho. efforts of the assistants, the ruin was confined to fiors that had been made of late years to the libra- mas Hancock, Lfi: James Bowdoin, Elj: EzeHarcard: Hall; and there, besides the destruction ry, came from other branches of this generous kiel Gokithwait, Efq; John Hancock, A. M. of of the private property of those who had chambers Family

Boston, and Mr. Gibkie Harrison of London, in it, the public lols is very great, perhaps, itre. The library contained above five thousand vo- Merchant. From there Gentlemen we received parable. The Library and the Apparatus, which lumes, all which were confumed, except a tew fine reflecting Telefoopes of different magnifying for many years had been growing, and were now books in the hands of the members of the house; powers; and adaptej to different observations ; judged to be the best fui nished in America, are and cwo donations, one made by our late honora: Microscopes of the feveral forts now ia use; Had. annihilated. But to give the public a more dif- ble Lieutenant Governor Dummer, to the value ley's Quadrant fitted in a new manner ; a nice tinct idea of the loss, we shall exhibit a lummary of 501 sterling ; the other of 56 volumes, by the Variation Compals, and Dipping needie ; with view of the general contents of each, as far as we present worthy Thomy Huilis, Efq; F. R. S. of inftruments for ihe several magnetical and electrican, on a sudden, recolket chern.

London, to whom wabave been annually obli- cal experiments-all new, and of excellent wurk.

god for valuable additions to our late library : manship.-- ALL DESTROYED ! Of the LIBRARY. Which donations, being but lately received, had

not the proper boxes prepared for them ; aod lo Cambridge, Jan. 26. 1764. As the Gerrral IT con!ained— The Holy Scriptures in almost escaped the general ruin.

Afcmbly have this day chearfully and unanimous. all languages, with the most valuable Expo Grors As the library records are burnt, no doubt fume ly voted to rebuild Harvard Hall, it encourages us and Commentators, ancient and modern :- The valuable benesactions have been omiceed in this ac. to hope, that the LIERARY and APPARATUS will whole Library of the late learned Dr. Liglefuos, count, which was drawn up only by memory.

also be repaired by the private imunihcence of thule which at his death te bequeathed to this College.

who wilh well to America, have a regard for Newand contained the Targuins, Talauds, Rabbios, of the APPARATUS. England, and know the importance of litsrature Polygot, and other valuable tracts relative to ori

to the Church and Stars
cntal literature, which is caught here : The libra- WHEN the late worthy THOMAS Hollis,
ty of the late eminent Dr. Theophilus Gale: Esq; of London founded a Profefforship of Ma-

th:marics and Philosophy in Harvard-College, he
Harvard-Hall, 42 feet broad. 97 long, not four fo. fent a fine Apparatus for Experimental Phiiofus

BOSTON: PRINTED BY R. AND S, DRASTA; rics bigt, was founded A.D. 1672. phy in its several Branches.


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No. 1315.

Liberty, Property, and no Excise.

A Poem,

all with

willing her

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Compas'd on cocasion of the SIGHT seen on the GREAT TREES, (so called) in

BOSTON, NEW-ENGLAND, en the 14th of August, 1765.
del plong as

This plealing prafpect catertains de throng.
No Egland smile, sd Belen frou for joy!

All Ots, and thus begin the song
Tipite of kasve, their policies and wil,
She fou enjoys her LIBERTY S PITT.

I lose irucha fulkis, which lachy poklon
She reis fecure from my foreign foc,

Wul thankful beats now for the villains pring,
Dendes their ploca, and kes ther overthrow
And foon ball see the wretch completely cun'd

Who hase the country, and would felt the sing

* Echold the nan, kếtớ eart sha - ca Who trove o STAMP her glory in the dude * And vaw the wretch, who withd some rant regn." * Freedom, (the cries) 1 cannot ringe to knaves,

Thu 1 rv'd they choreaind the day, "My bes are free, and never will be Qaves.

la od chat they past the hours

La cant role with artitrary fway,

Now he retires, and justies down the w
Villains com.anth, and wlunung fools obey

And scary nature less a fable def
Let delarda lise is infamy and Marne,

And now a hero Lts his vuce alud,
While Britas hight for liberty and fame

Swetches his hand, and speaks to all the crowd.
Let all her foes like bees prepare to warm

Hear me, (be crics and be beton Forest,
old Plus rage, and Purjetary form

* Curut be the man that leaves the bodies here
Le Chene raufe his cars and long berat take,

Espod ad the dangers of the nights,
And force with fury down the ord lake.

To be them hence with every fuc'ral rights
Speak Proserpins, thy will thall be cbey'd

Tous laving puke, they
Bed corny field for the gracey Diade

kao to execute their chief's commands:
Give thele commands to cach internal ghost,

Wan raped haft fork to the tire reper
Co Ipir your venam on the Bricia coat

And on is thoulders bear a ladder there
- Hate there and spread contention wide and fa,

Gee ass bu kaik, and running to their ai,
Perplex ber ick, and let her fous ac var:

Altends the lizabı, that bear cach beless thade
- Theo to Amerika with vengeance 89

7 ben crits the ropes in pretence of them ait,
Let them in fe very own the powers below."

And be cucibe gladly gets fall.
Suppose this dane, and all the winged bands

Luengo le carth in bordure they les
At this new world with thunder in their hande:

A naghaw light to cach behoking coes
Our hardy yorith would tell their force reply

What res, 1) is all

Defeat they wiles and drive them back to

Cueunt be found that will love the dead?
Thele fons of Mars their courage would confound

1 bear chacl reply'de " Go place them on the boer:
A conguett gain and still maintain thar ground
imarlaud te devils be compel'd lo. CNY

Prepare youinelves and qu.ckly bring them here."

Tiss legir Let er met reket
Our lovereign lives and God supports his throne

In der
Thus blakt hus foes in ev'ry bak defiga

sited throng.
A gracious beaven, and fe's the royal line.

* And as you smirch, be this che fuo'ral long
Ogire w favor in our monarch's nye

Gre Jovem, w gosbele mrvab mi
Deiend eur nights, remove the late EXCISE:

Le truth prevel and herece oppreilion scale,

Thea Alsore, the words are sung by all,
And bid oor Prophet speak the words of peace.

Down the cher and theo the pom pous bell:
La bere he cones, bftly he seems to treach,

bounder this sokat!

Non rolls his eyes, now bows his resend bad:

Such att attend the fuorals of the pur) 1
He like a God
appears in form divine

And will tuorder feuzes all he band
Wheke very specifpeaks ou deep defign

Fosch som advance, shake others make a stand.
Hither le come, a purpose to relate

Oox beds there hall, another still ach borch
Each facred truth and tell fome hidden fase,

" And wir all the region of the Nail"
Bola, (be crics) your woes are at send,

A third parlaims, Let these be first casey'd
Your for the fall and times fball quickly


In peaceful fence to the dreary thade."
With fhame erwhelmd he lean thall bee bis face, Theapel deur heal the regent of the right
* Then hack while 1 predia the time and place.

Als wir hoft is in a frantul piese
- The day now dewas, the gloeng sight is ípect,

lothes the way to get hero's rame Aral face your sy ball see the grand eveal

- The road to host and immortal fare?
- See fair haber couch ande,

Cele angling then, Ice cach in order fusha
• Whole cbearfi shes painu sbe mersing Nies ** Join atm to am, hike one canal band
“The thades are dec'd, the ling ring stan are they

Then bere he cries be all contion Hed.

- Come Now on, your ches the head
And yonder Photo Lifts his golden bred
« (Then cries the Prophet) I mut halteny

Thusharing ipake ell

bear the wondrea, The Goda comandad martalamust obey."

And for the more the champion lead the van)
No more I heard from out his facred Bouth,

Alleen impast to obey this will
He took his brave and went towards the found

And bend the course for the appointed bl,
Then I behekt amuning wonders there,

Whole lotty fummit once conta:nd a fert,
Sashura fapes and mootters in the air

To thus they halk and quickly lease the court.
Harely em appear before my yes

Froccan friendkip center w cech Soub,
Whole Lofty branches kern'd to touch the Bics

They hers and fing without the least oneroul
ke' himbo were bent wah more than pommon frute

I bare the Devil, and

Noile could on, and nothing dare oppole,
Well thes, laid 1, my doubts are wholly Body

(Norhidaephattacks EDIFICA
I fand the truth of what the father fald:

This itapes course, at foen they wa výbas
Bur while I tood to gana upon the tree,

Low is the dust try made the fructure
Another syd other came to fer

Then STAMPTo bricks, and port the vuod say.
Buch more I beheld a diffrent face,

Now fre the ruins ev'ry one rette
For on the prettil throunds fod the place,

to to the red nike che sua fal sre
Here itunds i chill and looks with vandring eyes
And there charpice of gigane fire

• speed to be belle fata T02.CPICE.”
Yonder dat hambler dükance funds,
And herjes with lifted eyes and hands

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