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Romans Bible Commentary: This Bible commentary on the book of Romans offers a verse-by-verse study on the entire book. Since this commentary material was assembled by classes taught on the book of Romans, it is easy to use and understand. This Romans commentary has been widely received by many, including schools which help train preachers. Here is a small sample of the text.

5:9: Much more then, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from the wrath (of God) through him.


    This verse takes us back to what Paul said at the beginning of this chapter: God’s people can be “justified” (dikaio), the same word used in Rom. 3:20! It is possible to completely remove sin. This can be done even though we still sin after becoming a Christian. Also, we can have justification at the present time (“now”). In this verse, Paul affirmed that our source for justification is Christ’s “blood.” Without the blood of Jesus, justification would be impossible (Heb. 10:4). Christ’s blood is the basis for our justification, but the benefits of it must be accessed. This access comes by faith that is obedient (5:1).

    If Christ had not shed his blood, the only thing that we could and would experience is “wrath” (verse 9b). However, since the precious blood of the Lord was shed, Christians can be and will be saved from punishment. Christians are people who are at peace with God (verse 1) and have no fear of condemnation (8:1).


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Having studied much of the pre-publication material on this First Corinthian commentary, I must conclude that it is one of the most thorough works I've encountered. There is no "shying away" from the issues that are confronting the Lord's church. All are dealt with in detail, and in unequivocating language. It would be difficult to come up with a question about the epistle that is not specifically addressed in the commentary.
If you have questions about division (not all divisions are bad), tongues, the Lord's Supper, giving, baptism for the dead, the bodily resurrection, or even women's role in the assembly, they are explained, many with charts, in this commentary. I would highly recommend that every serious student and Bible teacher put this commentary on their desk and wear it out.
-- Toby Miller / Minister

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Brad Price has been a full-time preacher in northern Indiana for more than 30 years. He has been in his present work, the Goshen church of Christ, in Goshen, Indiana, since December 1994. He is also serving as an elder. Brad has engaged in a variety of mission efforts in the United States, Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine, Nicaragua, and New Zealand. His Internet work includes, multiple blogs, and a free Bible app for Android Smartphones ( His previously published works include a full length commentary on First Corinthians, plus a book of 100 “Copy and Teach Bible Class Outlines.” These earlier works are now available on a flash drive from 

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