Genealogical Gleanings in England, Volumen1

New-England historic genealogical society, 1885

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Página 64 - Goodwin, in full assurance of .their trust and faithfulness in disposing of it according to the true intent and purpose of me the said Edward Hopkins, which is, to give some encouragement in those foreign plantations for the breeding up of hopeful youths both at the grammar school and college, for the public service of the country in future times.
Página 57 - Edward Bagley, citizen of London, shall have the sole benefit thereof. " Item, I do give and appoint unto Judith Hathaway, one of the daughters of my kinsman Thomas Hathaway, late of Stratford aforesaid, the annual sum of five pounds of lawful money of England, to be paid unto her yearly and every year, from and after the decease of the...
Página 104 - Thus eminently fitted for the service and Ornament of his country, he was made receiver general of his majesty's revenues here ; was thrice appointed public agent to the court and ministry of England and being thirty-seven years a member, at last became president of the council of this colony.
Página 74 - England, he accepted the government of the Massachusetts, in which he continued to the time of his death, and discharged his trust with that zeal for the interest of his country, and with so little regard to his own private advantage, that he gained the good esteem and affections of the greatest and best part of the inhabitants of the colony.
Página 63 - Pitt the place he now holds of Tipstaff in the Common Please, during his good behavior, and ten pounds in money, with all my wearing clothes & do commend him to the care of my executor as judging him very fit his employment here as long as he continue it. I give unto Thomas Lell the son of Thomas Lello, draper, ten pounds ; unto Mistress Bridget Exton, the daughter of my most loving friend, my crimson damask canopy and my best crimson quilt. I do make and constitute my dear and loving brother Edward...
Página 36 - December in the ffowerteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland king Defender of the faith etc.
Página 104 - The Westover manuscripts. Containing the history of the dividing line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina.
Página 64 - Thomas Hooker, all such debts as are due to me from her, upon the account I left in New England. And the residue of my estate there I do hereby give and bequeath to my father, Theophilus Eaton, Esq., Mr.
Página 73 - Spanish plateship, which had been under water 44 years, out of which he took in gold and silver to the value of £300,000 sterling; and, with a fidelity equal to his conduct, brought it all to London, where it was divided between himself and the rest of the adventurers: For which great service he was knighted by his then majesty...
Página 102 - ... not to be led away by the evil instructions he shall receive from others but to be governed by the prudent and provident advice of his aunt ; further desiring and charging my cousin, in all matters of moment and bargains of consequence, to make his address to the...

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