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Published by Littell & Henry, 74 South Second Street.

Clark & Raser, Printers.




THE utility of periodical works, exhibiting the doctrines and urging the duties of Christianity, has been fully ascertained by experience, and admitted, generally, by the friends of truth and good morals. The great body of the people, in any community, cannot, from the nature of their occupations, be expected to read voluminous writings: yet, reading is one of the most natural and effectual means of getting useful knowledge. A work, therefore, which is furnished in numbers, issued monthly, containing sound doctrine, religious intelligence in a condensed form, and occasional notices of institutions and publications which have an influence on religion and morality, affords great advantages to persons whose employments, or professional duties, allow them but little time for general reading. Such a work should, if possible, be in every family. It would be a cheap and constant source of information; it would cherish, in young people particularly, a taste for mental and religious improvement, and employ, profitably, many a leisure hour, which would, otherwise, be spent in idleness or dissipation. Such a work the PRESBYTERIAN Magazine is designed to be. How far it shall answer the purpose contemplated, we pretend not to foretel.

We are aware that many similar attempts have failed, for want of support. But, conscious of having engaged in this enterprise from a desire to promote the interests of evangelical truth and godliness, we trust Providence will favour the undertaking, by accompanying it with a blessing, and by securing to it a respectable share of public patronage.

We live in an age of more than ordinary exertion. The enemy is sowing his tares with unusual assiduity. This is not a time, therefore, for the friends of the Redeemer to indulge in apathy. They are loudly called upon to hold forth the word of truth, and to pray, without ceasing, that it may have free course and be glorified.

We shall be thankful for aid, either in subscriptions, or communications free of expense; reserving to ourselves, however, the right of judging, in regard to what may or may not comport with the design of the publication. We make our appeal, particularly, to the Presby


OCT 16 '45 Schwaat 500

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