Poems, tr. by W. Cowper. To which are added some original poems of mr. Cowper


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Página 33 - To souls impress' d with sacred Love ! Where'er they dwell, they dwell in Thee ; In heaven, in earth, or on the sea. To me remains nor place, nor time ; My country is in every clime ; I can be calm and free from care On any shore, since God is there.
Página 50 - Seeking only growth in love. No bliss I seek, but to fulfil In life, in death, thy lovely will ; No succours in my woes I want, Save what Thou art pleased to grant. Our days are number'd, let us spare Our anxious hearts a needless care : 'Tis thine to number out our days ; Ours to give them to thy praise.
Página 102 - But he, who knew what human hearts would prove, How slow to learn the dictates of his love, That, hard by nature and of stubborn will, A life of ease would make them harder still, In pity to the souls his grace design'd To rescue from the ruins of mankind, Call'd for a cloud to darken all their years, And said, " Go, spend them in the vale of tears.
Página 122 - My home henceforth is in the skies ; Earth, seas, and sun, adieu ! All heaven unfolded to my eyes, I have no sight for you.
Página 113 - The man that hails you Tom or Jack, And proves by thumps upon your back How he esteems your merit, Is such a friend, that one had need Be very much his friend indeed, To pardon or to bear it.
Página 101 - The path of sorrow, and that path alone, Leads to the land where sorrow is unknown ; No traveller ever reach'd that blest abode, Who found not thorns and briers in his road.
Página 28 - THE fountain in its source No drought of summer fears ; The farther it pursues its course, The nobler it appears. But shallow cisterns yield A scanty short supply ; The morning sees them amply fill'd, At evening they are dry.
Página 53 - Enjoy'd with ease, if thou refrain From earthly love, else sought in vain ; She dwells with all who Truth prefer, But seeks not them who seek not her. Yield to the Lord, with simple heart, All that thou hast, and all thou art ; Renounce all strength but strength divine, And peace shall be for ever thine : Behold the path which I have trod, My path, till I go home to God.
Página 34 - No gloomy days arise from them. Ah then ! to His embrace repair ; My soul, thou art no stranger there ; There Love divine shall be thy guard, And peace and safety thy reward.
Página 39 - Tis just that God should not be dear Where self engrosses all the thought, And groans and murmurs make it clear, Whatever else is loved, the Lord is not. The love of Thee flows just as much As that of ebbing self subsides ; Our hearts, their scantiness is such, Bear not the conflict of two rival tides.

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