The Supernatural Kingdom

Xulon Press, 2007 - 260 páginas
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ACTIVATE THE SUPERNATURAL TODAY!!! The Kingdom of God is supernatural by nature. It supersedes religion, science, philosophies and ideologies as it works its ways silently but yet explosively in the hearts of men and women. It is the cure for teenage pregnancies, wars, diseases, violence, economical and political decline. Jesus describes the workings of the kingdom with yeast. Microbiological imperfect fungus, Candida, starts out with one unicellular organism and reproduces itself thousands of time in adverse environments. The supernatural kingdom of God works in a similar manner. It enters the rough dough of our world silently into the substrates of our workplace, marketplace, schools, families, churches, and communities creating bread for living effectively on earth. This book will awake the powerful yeastlike principles hidden within the inner chambers of your spirit for the supernatural demonstrations of his kingdom on earth. R. Pepe Ramnath graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Microscopy at Breyer State University and completed post-graduate studies with LSU, McCrone Research Institute, CDC, Emory University, UNM, College of Microscopy and Aerobiological Research Institute at Harvard University. Pepe was born on the island of Trinidad in Preysal. He is the husband of Angela, author of Arise Esther, and father of three beautiful children Matthew, Joshua and Leah. Pepe and Angela are the Senior Pastors of Miramar Christian Center International and owners of a scientific testing laboratory, Dove Environmental Laboratories in Florida, USA. His passion for the inner workings of the Holy Spirit and culture of the kingdom of God has created a balance of power andcharacter in the lives of many. He is committed to seeing heaven colonize earth through the most important person on earth, the Holy Spirit.

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Pepe Ramnath is a liar. He gives thanks to Siew and Sarah Radhays for leaving the comfort of their home in Trinidad but they pushed themselves on to our family to steal our money and opportunities while leaving our other family members deprived till this day as they worked against us in the USA also, conspiring to take from us here too. Our Auntie Dolsie opened her doors to his in laws and by the time she became ill because of all the persecution from the Radhays, she closed her doors of opportunities on her own nephews as us. Pepe Ramnath is a liar and a scammer. They complain thatbthe blacks in the church are chasing away the whites yet used Myles Monroe for fame while his father in law describes black people as goons.. ken Ramnath, Director. .. Celine International, Inc, Wall Street NY 10005 

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Basic Concepts Of
A Family Of Sons
An Atmosphere Of His Presence
The Principle Of Lordship
The Power Behind The Kingdom
Our Role In This World
The Influence Of The Holy Spirit
The Power Of Prayer
Balancing The Anointing With
The Works Of The Father
The United Kingdom
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