God's Garden on Earth Today!: We Are God's Garden; God's Desire Is to Return Us to His Garden, Called Eden!

iUniverse, 2003 - 112 páginas
Using the simple analogy of earth being God's garden, and the people His desired harvest, and His divine desire to bring us back into His New Garden of Eden.

God's Garden on Earth Today, shows in a simple to understand format, how God is still at work today in the believer's life, even if they fail to recognize that fact.

Written in a unique, yet simple style that the average reader can understand the basic truths of God's Word, and how it still relates to our world today.

God has always had a plan, and the desire to return His children back to His Garden, and restore that personal relationship He had with man before the fall, and his removal from the Garden of Eden.

Using simple analogies, parables and metaphors help expose the similarities between the first marriage of Adam and Eve in the garden, and the Bride (Church) who is awaiting her soon coming Groom, (Jesus) and our upcoming marriage on His arrival.


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