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pastorprince u are a blessing to this generation.

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it so interesting to know how grace and law differ from each other... as a Christian i my self often get confused of the word "grace" and at the same time we have to obey the "law"... this book really emphasizes of how great God is and His love really endures forever.. in deed God's grace is always sufficient for us :) GOD BLESS US ALL :D 

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This book will set you Free from the bondage of condemnation and captive of Law. For a Christian, sin is not a problem in life, we do not want to sin, but we find it hard to get over the self condemnation when we fall into sin. No one is ever freed from sinning, one day just one day you will fall, and this book teach you how to walk straight up again.
Read this book and you will make it your daily bible,
John M

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This is a great book written by a wonderful grace-full servant of the LORD. Pastor Joseph Prince has really gotten it right from the HOLY SPIRIT for the Body of CHRIST, to help us be set free from the lies and error of the spirit of legalism, and performace based gospel messages. This is a MUST READ for those who have been struggling in their Christ walk, and really want to know GOD more intimately without condemnation and guilt! 

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My life radically transformed after hearing the message from Pastor Joseph Prince and reading his book "Destined to Reign". Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince, you are blessing to me. You are abundantly blessed.....
Frank Wilson Amalraj,

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This was by far the greatest book that I have ever read in my entire life. I've been a Christian for 25 years and have never truly understood the "amazing" of Grace. For the first time in my life God is exalted to proper place, and I am humbled to mine. I have fallen in love with God because I've found a relationship whereas I've always lived in a religion. I can appreciate and worship God the way He intended because I actually see how much I've been forgiven.
I've always felt like I've had to explain away portions of the Bible because they didn't fit in with what I'd been taught. I now fully appreciate and understand what God wants me to see. I don't read the Bible to find out what I need to accomplist but to find out more about Jesus. The book has become alive to me. I see each story relating to Jesus Christ and His grace.
Get this book...go now and don't stop reading until you've completed it. I'm so sincere about this book that in giving it 5 starts I can only give 4 or less to any other book because they could never match the power of the story of Grace.

I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ!

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I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ! This book really got me to start focusing on Jesus throughout the day and his finished work on the cross, and it has really changed my heart in a big ... Leer comentario completo

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