The Ladies Calling: In Two Parts. By the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c

Printed at the Theater, 1713 - 270 páginas

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Página 239 - He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
Página 202 - Even the sea monsters draw out the breast, they give suck to their young ones : the daughter of my people is become cruel, like the ostriches in the wilderness.
Página 43 - tis otherwife, where a Woman has no guide but her Will, and her Will is nothing but her humour : the event is fure to be fatal to her felf, arid often to others alfo. 12. AND the hazard of this renders that other reftraint of the Will, I mean that of obedience to Superiours, a very happy impofition; tho...
Página 163 - ... innocently, they can fcarce fall upon any more hazardous. Indeed, 'tis very difficult to imagine, what vaft mifchief is done to the World, by the falfe notions and images of things; particularly of Love and Honour, thofe nobleft concerns of human life reprefented in their Mirrours. But when we confider upon what principles the...
Página 41 - ... to God's ! How does it enervate and enfeeble any calamity ! nay, indeed, it triumphs over it, and, by that conjunction with him that ordains it, may be faid to command even what it fuffers.
Página 172 - Wild as herfelf ) thinks fhe does but walk abroad with her Gaoler. But the Right of the Parent is fo undoubted, that we find GOD Himfelf gives way to it, and will not fuffer the moft Holy Pretence, no, not that of a Vow to Invade it, as we fee in Numb.
Página 16 - Woman, a thing fbefiential and natural to the Sex, that every the leaft declination from it, is a proportionable receding from Woman-hood ; but the total abandoning it ranks them among Brutes, nay fets them as far beneath thofe, as an acquir'd vilenefs is below a native. I need make no collection of the verdicts, either of the Philofophers or Divines in the cafe, it being...
Página 163 - Knights proftrate at her feet, fhe will probably be tempted to think it a fine thing ; and may reflect how much fhe lofes time, that has not yet fubdu'd one heart; and then her bufinefs will be to fpread her Nets, lay her Toils, to catch fome Body w-ho will more fatally infnare her.
Página 231 - Ihe can. And indeed a Widow can no way better provide for her own Honour, than by this tendernefs of her Husband's.
Página 231 - Proxies to receive the kindnefs of which himfelf is uncapable ; fo that the Children of a Widow may claim a double portion of the Mother's Love; one upon their native right, as hers; the other, as a bequeft in right of their dead Bather.

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