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by him too, but happened not to get to the wharf til he was under sail. It contains 10 copies of the 2d and 10 of the 3d volumes of New Hampshire History, which I suppose will match the 1st volumes that you have on hand.

I shall have my books now bound up, and shall wait no longer for the revisal of the New Hampshire Constitution. The hen has been sitting, and sitting again, but has produced nothing; and whether she will at her next, or next but one, or the next to that, do any better, I cannot prophecy.

Your books have been advertised; and a printed advertisement, in form of a billet, has been sent to every subscriber. Two only have been taken and paid for as yet, but I expect more will go off soon. Tell me how to dis

pose of the money. All well, as I hope yours are.

Your friend,


Your letter accepting the election is received, and will be laid before the Society at their next meeting, which will be the last Tuesday in July; and you will then have thanks for the book. That for the Academy will be presented in August. Mr. Walcutt has a delicate feeling about him, which makes him loth to receive one as a present; but I will endeavour to get him to take it, if possible.


BOSTON, July 11, 1792.

DEAR SIR,- I have sent you, by a vessel which was to sail the beginning of this week, the master's name I have forgot, 10 of the 2d volume and 10 of the 3d, in blue. These, I suppose, will make complete sets, with the first volumes remaining in your hands, and I think, when sold, will nearly, or quite, make enough to pay the balance due

to Scotus, which is, according to my account, £21 15s. 1d. of our money. By the way, there is a small difference between the charge in your last account of

cash paid him.

and his receipt, which you sent me, dated Feb. 23, 1792

£11 6 2

11 5 0

£ 0 1 2

It is of no consequence. I suppose it is one of his blunders.

Of your books, six are sold and paid for. I have sent out billets to every subscriber, enclosing a copy of the advertisement.

As to the New Hampshire Constitution, which I proposed to reprint, I have done with all thought of it. The alterations, if any, will be few and trivial.

Mr. Fleet has requested me to ask you to send him one of Clement Biddle's Registers, if they are printed this year, that he may get some matter out of it for his next year's Register.

I expect, next week, to go into New Hampshire, so leave this letter to be given to Colonel Pickering, who will probably be here on his return next week. My family is all well, and send their regards to yours. I am, dear sir, J. BELKNAP.

Your friend,

P. S. My books are now binding. Would you have me send any number, bound, to Philadelphia, beside what are subscribed for?

Our friend Evans is in town. He is as full of enthusiasm about Gallic liberty as ever he was about America.


PHILADELPHIA, July 23, 1792.

DEAR SIR, - I am glad to find that my books got to hand safely, for it seems they were in the storm, according to Dobson's account. If you discover any errata, please to mention them to me.

Your 2d volumes are all gone. Indeed, I parted with my own copy, to complete a set which Dobson had an order for. Whether "more" will go off, is uncertain; but it will be well to make sets of what I have.

Thank you for your Sermon. Sermon. A second edition of a sermon, now-a-days, is a curiosity. Those for your other friends are delivered, except that for Mr. Ball, which he should have had; but I thought, til within a day or two, that he lived in the country.

Jonas and I have dissolved our partnership.* Business is dull, and the honest man got discouraged: he is, moreover, in an ill state of health. I think he is consumptive. For the present he has gone to Lake Champlain, where his mother and brother live. He intends to visit some lands he has on the Cayuga Lake, and will, in the mean time, think of some new mode of business. From the enclosed hand-bill, you will see I am now a noun substantive, so far as to stand by myself; and I hope I shall be able to make sense. Please to have the hand-bill printed in the Centinel, and in the paper in which the laws are printed (I think it is Adams's), once a week, for four weeks, in each. Pay for it. I enclose a prize ticket (No. 3,087), which drew 8 dollars in the second class of the Semiannual Lottery, and one dollar, new emission money. Please to receive the money for the former, and dispose of the latter for what it will fetch, and place both to my credit. I am

* Jonas Addoms. See Hazard's letter of Jan. 14, 1791. — EDS.

sorry to trouble you with these little matters, but they are not worth writing another letter about. Will it be convenient for you to have one of my hand-bills put up at the Coffee-house? Jonathan Hastings will not object against fixing one in his office. A man who expects to go profitably through life must make some noise in the world. Why do you propose that, when a man dies, his share your Social Library shall go to the surviving subscribers? The shares in our company are transferable, and a man may bequeath them by his will, or sell them, provided the proposed purchase is approved of, &c.


Since writing the above, I have seen the gentleman who is to carry this, and he tells me he can take one of our catalogues; and, as I have one to spare, I send it. You will there see our rules, though the catalogue has become very incomplete through the additions made to the books since it was printed.

My masons have done the brick-work of my house; and, had it not been for the rain, the carpenters would have begun the roof to-day. It looks very well so far, and I am in hopes will prove a comfortable situation.

Remember me to Mrs. Belknap. I am, dear sir,

[blocks in formation]

P. S. I have the Apollo regularly to No. 14 inclusive. The rest are wanting, to No. 21 inclusive. 25 is wanting. 26 is the last I have received.

regularly, in the mail.

Please to have them sent


BOSTON, August 7, 1792.


Your favour of the 23d of July, enclos

ing an account of the Library of Philadelphia, is this

moment come to hand; and, as there is a vessel now

ready to sail, on board of which I have already put one letter for you, I will lose no time in saying that I see in this of yours no account of the arrival of a bundle in brown paper containing 10 of my 2d volume and 10 of the 3d, which were put on board a vessel, sloop Juno, Constant Norton, and sailed hence a month ago. You have his receipt enclosed. I know nothing of the man, nor to whom he is consigned, nor whether he is gone to Davy Jones's locker, as the sailors say, nor any thing more about him than that I gave the bundle to a mercantile friend of mine, and he returned me the receipt. I hope you have got the bundle ere now, and am, dear sir, Your obliged friend and humble servant,


Will take care of the ticket and bill and advertise



PHILADELPHIA, August 7, 1792.

MY DEAR SIR, Yours of July 4th and 11th are received, with the bundle by the Juno, containing ten 2d and ten 3d volumes of your History. Since it is so uncertain what the New Hampshire folks will do about their Constitution, and when they will do any thing, I think you are right in not waiting for them. When you have received a sum worth remitting for my books, please to send it to either Mr. Dobson or me. Perhaps the Boston branch of the United States Bank will be able to accommodate you with an order, or something which will facilitate the remittance. The mistake of 1s. 2d. was mine, and not Scotus's. I paid him 30 dollars, which is £11 58. Please to inform Mr. Fleet that Mr. Biddle has published no directory except the one of which I sent him a copy. His sales were so small as to discourage him.

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