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of pilgrims to Philadelphia, I suppose attracted by the charms of the bank. This will go by one, and he is one of my flock, a very sensible, clever fellow, who has been once. to China, and intends the circumnavigation of our planet very soon. His name is Perkins, a mercantile character. I do not know that he will need any civilities; but, if he should fall in your way, you cannot oblige me more than by noticing him as my friend. In a few days, I expect one of my brethren, Everett, will go on the same pilgrimage; and I shall give him a letter to you, because he will be a stranger in Philadelphia, and because he is a worthy, sensible, literary character, with whom you cannot but be pleased.*

I saw brother Morse to-day, and all is well there. I am, dear sir,

Your most obliged and obedient



I suppose you have heard that Dr. Stevens is dead? Brother Buckminster has, on that occasion, fallen into the lowest depths of the hypochondria. Alas! alas!

PHILADELPHIA, July 5, 1791.

DEAR SIR,I congratulate you upon the arrival of your son's types. The paper-maker left me about a quarter of an hour before I received your letter containing the information, having brought me 25 reams more, which I now send by the Ceres. The crown paper will be of a good size for your maps. Apropos, I have at length, and not 'til very lately, got your map out of Trenchard's hands. He kept it so long, notwithstanding repeated promises to return it at different times, that I began to

* Probably the Rev. Oliver Everett, pastor of the New South Church. — EDs.

suspect sinister views, and finally grew angry. My paper is expected this week. It is to be made by Mr. Shitz, and I expect will be very good. I am much obliged to Mr. Walcutt for his assiduity. Please to ask Thomas and Andrews what they have done. But few returns are made me yet, and the whole amount of subscriptions I am acquainted with does not exceed 150! Thank you for your name. I shall put that in the list of friends, and not of subscribers.

If our weights and measures are to be regulated by Mr. Jefferson's pendulum, I hope it has vibrated well at the 45th degree of latitude.


Bishop Carrol is a gentleman of very respectable character; but it seems strange that a man of sense should be so zealous in the cause of nonsense. There has been a great resort of pilgrims here, attracted, as you supposed, by the charms of the bank. The subscription was opened yesterday, and filled (and overflowed) in two hours, in two hours. Let Europe produce a similar instance. Many intended subscribers are disappointed and mortified. I was at the bank-door some time before it was opened, and, even when I went, could not get on the steps for the crowd. As soon as the door was opened, we rushed in like a torrent, and were squeezed quite as much as we wished for. Names were given in for 4,000 shares more than the bank consists of. Your brother Everett will be able to tell you all about it. He preached for us last Sabbath morning, a sensible, judicious sermon, but it was not much relished by some among us. It wanted faith, repentance, or brimstone, I don't know which.

I had heard of Dr. Stephens's death, and am sorry to find it has such an effect on our friend Buckminster's spirits. We are all well now, but I have lately had a three weeks' confinement with the gout. I cannot yet wear my common shoes; and yet, in this condition, I ventured among the bank-mad crowd yesterday. Do not call

me mad. I was obliged to do it; for friends at a distance had appointed me their attorney, and, had I not gone to subscribe, their interests must have suffered. I am, dear sir, Your friend, EBEN. HAZARD.

P. S. The carpenter charges 9s. for this box. He says. stuff has raised in price.

The Eulogiums on Governour Bowdoin came safe to hand. Dr. Rush has his.


BOSTON, July 13, 1791, 11 o'clock.

DEAR SIR, The box by Cheeseman this moment passed my door on its way to Thomas's office, and your very agreeable letter of the 5th inst. was given me by the truckman.

We have heard of the surprizing phenomenon respecting the bank. Some gentlemen in this town are very much disappointed; but I suppose Congress will take pity on them at the next session, and give them a farther chance to lay up their treasures on earth. I am glad to find that there is such demonstrative evidence of the stability and credit of the General Government. I am so much of a Roman (I mean a Republican Roman) as to rejoice in a rich national treasury, though I myself am poor.

Mr. Green is returned; and I spent a convivial day with him yesterday on the water, of which he will give you an account. He then saw some of our first characters in their undress, and had as fair an opportunity as possible of forming a just idea of them. I expect to hear him preach Thursday Lecture to-morrow, and that he will dine with me on Friday. Your account of him and Dr. Rush's I find true, as far as I have yet had opportunity to judge.

Twenty-two sheets of my 2d volume are printed off. I

am glad the map is returned, and that Trenchard has no farther concern with it, because I have sufficient proof that he is unworthy of confidence, though I think him a good workman, and his terms not very extravagant, if there were any probability of his compliance with his engagements. I have a young engraver at work, but he is modest and manageable. I wish more could be done toward your subscription; but I believe Thomas Walcutt has done the best he can, and I am sure no man can do better. I believe there are not more than 3 or 4 names on Thomas's list.

Last week I wrote to you by Mr. John Vaughan, of your city, and sent you three pieces of gold, amounting to £6 15s. 31d. of our currency, for R. Aitken, which I have charged in my book to his account; and you will put it into the account which I sent by the same conveyance. Little Vaughan appears to be a scientific character, and fond of being thought so. I was pleased with him.

I wish Boston and Philadelphia were within one day's march of each other, and I had rather they should be 50 miles distant than 5 or 6, because then there would be some fun in making a visit; but 300 miles, unless one has some special business, or is actually on pilgrimage, is too much.

I hope brother Morse has got his share in the bank, because it will afford him great pleasure. If he had you for his attorney, I doubt not that his name was mentioned so early as to be included.

Mathew Carey has been here, and called at my door; but I was out of town.

Dear sir, I wish you "health, peace, and competence, and as much gout as will be consistent with all three, and no more. How does Mrs. Hazard? Is the fourth blessing on its way? I think you have three? My very kind regards to her. Mr. Green tells me that little Cornelia lives within a mile of Princeton College. I have a good

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mind to write to her by him, though she owes me a letter.

Mrs. B. and my family are tolerably well. We have had a very hot summer hitherto. Mr. G. will give you some comparative ideas of the heat of Boston and Philadelphia. Suppose they should be equal, yet I think the inequality of surface, and the neighbourhood of salt water, cool, buoyant, and fit to swim in, gives Boston the preference in point of animal enjoyment. I assure you I make much use of cold water, inside and outside. It is to me a sedative equal to what tobacco is to a Dutchman or opium to a Turk. I am, dear sir,

Your obliged friend and humble servant,


Your three books respecting the Vermont controversy are on board Hopkins. Pray let me know if they come safe to hand.


PHILADELPHIA, July 30, 1791.

DEAR SIR, I have received your two favours of 5th inst., and, since them, the parcel by Hopkins, without a letter.

Pickling a man does not appear to me an eligible mode of curing him of the gout; and I do not think it would be effectual, unless you were to pickle him as completely as you do your winter's beef and pork. Patience, wellcarded wool, and flannel, are instar omnium in the gout.

If your paper is good, it cannot be dear at 14s. I congratulate you on the arrival of Jo's types, and shall expect soon to hear of his fame as a printer. He must try to excell your New English "Baskerville."

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