The London and Paris ladies' magazine of fashion, ed. by mrs. Edward Thomas

Jane Thomas (née Pinhorn)
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Página 61 - ... per month for each share, a stock or fund for the purpose of enabling each member thereof to receive out of the funds of such society the amount or value of his or her share or shares therein, to erect or purchase one or more dwelling house or dwelling houses, or other real or leasehold estate...
Página 21 - And spur my dull revenge ! What is a man , If his chief good , and market of his time , Be but to sleep , and feed? a beast, no more. Sure, he, that made us with such large discourse , Looking before and after, gave us not That capahility and godlike reason, To fust in us unus'd.
Página 48 - Because," said the noble Arab, " another man might be really ill, and men would fear to help him. You would be the cause of many refusing to perform an act of charity, for fear of being duped as I have been.
Página 82 - ... liberally bestowed ; in fact, whatever untiring industry and capital can accomplish, shall be achieved. While the Proprietors refer with pride and satisfaction to the past, they exultingly point to the future, and in evidence of their intentions to fulfil what they profess, the forthcoming Numbers will have additional care bestowed upon the Editorial Department ; and the French and German Correspondence will embrace every novelty of the season, and the latest intelligence upon all matters affecting...
Página 78 - BEFORE the stout harvesters falleth the grain, As when the strong storm-wind is reaping the plain ; And loiters the boy in the briery lane ; But yonder aslant comes the silvery rain, Like a long line of spears brightly burnished and tall. Adown the white highway, like cavalry fleet, It dashes the dust with its numberless feet. Like a murmurless school, in their leafy retreat, The wild birds sit listening the drops round them beat And the boy crouches close to the blackberry wall.
Página 40 - A ride of about fifteen miles, and a pleasant woodland ramble of about two, brought myself and companion to the great Natural Bridge. Although I had been anxiously looking forward to this time, and my mind had been considerably excited by expectation, yet I was not altogether prepared for this visit. This great work of nature is considered by many as the second great curiosity of our country, Niagara falls being the first. I do not expect to convey a very correct idea of this bridge, for no description...
Página 48 - But no sooner did Daher feel himself in the saddle, than he set spurs to the horse, and galloped off, calling out as he did so, " It is I, Daher. I have got the horse, and am off with it.
Página 78 - it is to tell me he can't trust!" In I walked like a culprit. "Sir, I beg your pardon, but I see by the papers you have been ill-used ; I hope you won't be angry — I mean no offence ; but...

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