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ngk, ngkt, ngktstthi-nk, li-nk'd, li-nk'd'st, tha-nks,

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TABLE II.-Continued.

fa-lse, fe-ll'st, ca-ll'st
wea-lth, hea-lths
fi-lch, fi-lch'd, fi-lch'd'st
la-m'd, ento-mb'd, emba-lm'd'st
to-mbs, ta-mes, fli-ms-y
la-mp, li-mp'd, atte-mpt'st, shri-mps,

ly-mph, triu-mph'd, triu-mph'd'st,
triu-mphs, triu-mph'st
hum-m'st, ento-mb'st
a-nd, ow-n'd, se-nds

stra-nge, lou-ng'd, estra-ng'd'st

wi-nd'st, sou-nd'st

fi-ns, clea-ns'd, clea-ns'd'st
se-nt, hu-nts, pa-nt'st

fli-nch, mu-nch'd, lu-nch'd
ha-ng'd, ba-ng'd'st,
si-ngs, lo-ngg


stre-ngth, le-ngths

cu-rb, ba-rb'd, ba-rb'd'st, he-rbs,
ba-rd, he-rds

su-rge, enla-rg'd, u-rg'd'st

hea-r'd'st, e-rr'd'st
bu-rgh, bu-rghs

fu-rl, sna-rl'd, hu-rl'd'st, cu-rls,

a-rm, ha-rm'd, a-rm'd'st, a-rms, a-rm'st

u-rn, burn'd, ea- n'd'st, bu-rns, lea-rn'st

cu-rve, se-rv'd, ca-rv'd'st, cu-rves, se-rv'st

oa-rs, e-rrs, lia-rs

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TABLE II.-Continued.

ha-ts, sit-'st, let-'st
mu-ch, fe-tch'd, fe-tch'd'st
un-cle, specta-cl'd, tru-ckl'd'st,
mana-cles, tru-ckl'st

oa-ken, si-cken'd, bla-cken'd'st, beacons, bla-cken'st

cr-aven, cr-ater
su-ck'd, ha-ck'd'st
li-cks, pa-ck'st

snaf-fle, muf-fl'd, tri-fl'd'st, tri-fles,

stif-fen,tou-ghen'd, stif-fen'd'st, stif-
fens, stiffen'st
fr-iar, fr-etful
si-ft, lo-fis, wa-fl'st
cli-ffs, sco-ff'st

sl-aughter, whi-stl'd, whi-stl'd'st, tre-ssles, ne-stl'st

sm-oke, black-sm-ith

sn-ail, li-sten'd, ha-sten'd'st,le-ssons, le-ssen'st

wa-sp, li-sp'd, cla-spd'st, whi-sps, li-sp'st

st-ave, str‐ong, li‐sts

ta-sk, whi-sk'd, a-sk'd'st, de-sks,

ry-thm, throughout, hea-ths
pu-sh'd, la-sh'd'st


Whilst bloody treason flourished over us.
The breadth thereof was ten cubits.

Then rush'd the steed, to battle driven.

*Those words are printed in italics which are most frequently mispronounced.

TABLE III-Continued.

Thou look'st from thy throne in the clouds and laugh'st at the storm.

Now set the teeth, and stretch the nostril wide.

When shall we venture to tell what was whispered to us?

Whence and what art thou, execrable shape?
The short and simple annals of the poor.
Hold off your hands, gentlemen.

His attempts were fruitless.

O'erwhelm'd with whirlwinds.

Up the high hill he heaves the huge round stone.
The dogs bark'd and howl'd.

The word filch is of doubtful derivation.

He was hedged in on every side.

The acts of the Apostles.

Can you say crackers, crime, cruelty, crutches?
The heights, depths, and breadths of the subject.
Search the scriptures.

Can you whet a wet razor?

We saw on the road large droves of cattle.

It was the act, of all the acts of government the most objectionable.

A frame of adamant.

The attempt, and not the deed, confounds us.
Do you mean plain or playing cards?

Of man's miraculous mistakes, this bears the palm. She swore, in faith 't was strange, 't was wondrous strange, 't was pitiful, 't was wondrous pitiful. Boundless, endless, and sublime!

Mark'st thou?

Your healths, gentlemen.

Round the rude ring the ragged rascal ran.
And on their hinges grate harsh thunder.

It is more formidable than the most clamorous opposition.

How came the posterns so easily opened?
Yet who would have expected an ambush?

He turned to the south side of the scaffold and said—

TABLE III-Continued.

When overtaken, he struggled desperately with the officers.

Music, and Poetry, and Sculpture.

What would'st thou?

He proposed an amicable adjustment of all difficulties. Heart and hand he gave in his adhesion to the enterprize.

Her brow was bound with a broad band braided for the purpose.

He was an amiable and respectable man, incapable of using the questionable expressions attributed to him. Can you spell words of seven syllables?

With what thou else call'st thine.

His speech was composed of mono-syllables.

His reasons are as two grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff.

Good sentences, and well pronounced.

A sailor's wife had chesnuts in her lap, and munched, and munched, and munched.

What do you read, my Lord? Words, words, words. I'll tell him to his teeth, "Thus did'st thou."

Three times three.

Parchment is made of sheep skins.

He was fully persuaded that the project was feasible. A blue coat without a badge.

Of a strange nature is the suit you follow.

"Twill be recorded for a precedent.

It is too true an evil.

Let him have knowledge who I am.

What an acknowledgement of the superiority of virtue!

The strength of his nostrils is terrible.

He snarls, but dares not bite.

Where the wild beasts find shelter, but I can find


Have you a copy of Smith's Thucydides?

I thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of my thumb.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pepper.

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