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March'd armies o'er thy tomb with thundering tread,
O'erthrew Osiris, Orus, Apis, Isis,

And shook the Pyramids with fear and wonder,
When the gigantic Memnon fell asunder?

If the tomb's secrets may not be confessed,

The nature of thy private life unfold :—

A heart has throbb'd beneath that leathern breast,

And tears adown that dusky cheek have rolled :— Have children climb'd and kissed that face? What was thy name and station, age and race?

Statue of flesh-immortal of the dead!
Imperishable type of evanescence !
Posthumous man, who quitt'st thy narrow bed,
And standest undecayed within our presence,
Thou wilt hear nothing till the judgment morning,
When the great trump shall thrill thee with its warn-


Why should this worthless tegument endure,
If its undying guest be lost forever?
O let us keep the soul embalmed and pure

In living virtue; that when both must sever,
Although corruption may our frame consume,
Th' immortal spirit in the skies may bloom.


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