Louis Napoleon the Destined Monarch of the World

Kessinger Publishing, 2005 M03 1 - 372 páginas
1865. And Personal Antichrist, foreshown in prophecy to confirm a seven years' covenant with the Jews about, or soon after 1864-5, and (after the resurrection and the translation of the Wise Virgins has taken place two years and from four to six weeks after the Covenant, ) subsequently to become completely supreme over England and most of American, and all Christendom, and fiercely to persecute Christians during the latter half of the seven years, until he finally perishes at the Descent of Christ at the Battle of Armageddon about or soon after 1872-3. Including an examination of the views of the Revs. G.S. Faber, Edward Irving, E. Bickersteth, T. Birks, C. Maitland, Sir E. Denny, Lord Congleton, Major Phillips, Judge Strange, Dr. Tregelles, etc. with seven diagrams and two maps. A prophetical treatise on the belief that Louis Napoleon is the Personal Antichrist.

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This treatise written in 1865 might appear to be farfetched. Admittedly, the character who was believed to be the Beast of The Revived Roman Empire, Louis Napoleon, has long since come and gone. However, if one excludes the actual names of the personalities involved, the description of the roles played by these characters is remarkably accurate. Put a different way, the prophetic scenario describing this coming world dictator was approximately 150 years ahead of its time. This time around it will be right on time in its latter fulfillment. We are now living in 2012 and are on the very theshold of the final fulfillment.  

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