Baillie, Oman, and Macmurray: Experience and Religious Belief

Ashgate, 2003 - 216 páginas
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This book explores the nature of religious belief in the light of the interpretation of the Christian religion given by John Oman, John Baillie and John Macmurray. Each of these were lauded Scottish thinkers of the 20th century, and this book reintroduces contemporary theologians and students to the value of their respective philosophies of religion. Macmurray, Baillie and Oman each argued that Christianity can be best understood by employing the concept of 'experience', and is best seen as a response to problems and challenges that arise in the course of everyday life. Each also argued that Christianity is both cognitive and practical. Adam Hood draws on the work of these three thinkers and on the resources of theology and analytical philosophy to present an important departure point for understanding the Christian faith and for appreciating the role of Christianity within the wider cultural frame. Hood concludes that an experiential approach is consistent with religious and cultural pluralism.

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