The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation

Frog Books, 2004 M03 11 - 432 páginas
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Discover the legacy of the most famous psychic of the 20th-century in this stirring exploration of psychic abilities, reincarnation, and other paranormal phenomena

There are remarkable parallels between the work of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce—the legendary clairvoyant, ‘sleeping prophet’, and ‘father of holistic medicine’. Here, author Wynn Free explores these parallels, building a convincing case that the two men shared the same source of prophetic information—and that Wilcock might indeed be Cayce’s reincarnation.

Compiling some of Wilcock’s most inspirational and life-transforming prophetic guidance from his channeled Source, this book conveys profound insights into topics such as earth changes, secret cabals, soul evolution, death and reincarnation, ascension, crop circles, and the theory of evolution. Explaining how energetic increases occurring in the Sun and planets can have scientifically-measurable, far-reaching effects in a number of realms, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce presents new evidence that this energy can transform DNA, potentially making ESP, telekinesis, levitation, and other paranormal activities as common as breathing and usher in the Golden Age promised by every major spiritual tradition in human history. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding not only of the life and work of both Wilcock and Cayce, but with a broader sense of the many forces—seen and unseen—at work in the universe today.

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Las opiniones no están verificadas, pero Google revisa que no haya contenido falso y lo quita si lo identifica
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Wynn Free starts off as a skeptic then becomes a believer. He should have stayed with his initial intuition. The contradictions he himself makes to prove to himself and others that Wilcock is the reincarnation of Cayce is stunning. First he admits that Cayce was a staunch Christian, and this is why he couldn't address certain issues, like who the Elohim really are. If Cayce was a Christian, which history tells us he was, then why has he reincarnated? Surely he is in heaven with Jesus Christ?
Secondly, if he did reincarnate, why so soon after he died? Cayce lived a godly life, he was selfless, he sacrificed himself for others. Why would God send him back to live the same type of life again? Wilcock is a fraud. He is possessed by a familiar spirit who is masquerading as Cayce, trying to convince everyone that he is Cayce reincarnate. This book is a total waste of money. Wilcock is scam artist and Wynn Free ( not his real name) fell for his false claims hook line and sinker. The lies they both spread are nothing short of demonic delusions.

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Acerca del autor (2004)

Wynn Free currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he expresses himself as a songwriter, poet, and freelance writer. He maintains a website,, where he posts many of his creative works.

David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since 1993, has intensely researched UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. Wilcock has been a guest on numerous radio programs and has lectured throughout the United States and Japan. He is also an accomplished musician and composer of jazz-fusion, New Age/meditative, and world music pieces.

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