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Ch. XVIII. Prophecies in the apocalypse, which
point out the destruction of all the Governments in Europe,
which are oppressive and antichristian. Vol. II. p. 305.

Ch. XIX. Extracts from different authors, contain,
ing observations on the evidences of prophecy in general,
and on the authenticity of the Hebrew prophets in par-


Ch. XX. Predictions in Daniel, which speak the
same language with the recently cited prophecies of the
apocalypse, and are applicable not only to the antichristian

governments of Europe, but to those of the world in general.


Ch. XXI.

Remarks on the Numbers which occur

in Daniel and St. John, and on those imperfect notices which they have given us with respect to the time, when some great events will be accomplished.


Ch. XXII. A predi&tion, uttered by Christ himself, relative to the destruction of all antichriftian dominion

and usurpation.


App. to ch. XXII. Bishop Porteus's reflexions on the Critical Complexion of the present times. 397

Ch. XXIII. The Sixth Seal shewn to be prophetic of the overthrow of all antichristian Doninion in the

European world; together with a short account of the accomplishment of the first, second, fourth, and fifth seals; and a new explication of the Third Seal, in the course of which are introduced a number of extracts, re. lative to the decline and fall of the Roman empire, and the irruptions of the Northern nations.


Ch. XXIV. Predictions in Isaiah, in Haggai, and the Second Psalm, of similar import with the sixth seal, though of less restricted application ; with some extracts relating to the Double Sense in prophecy.


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Ch. XXV. Remarks on the Sixth Vial, and on a

prophecy in Genesis, Ezekiel, and Daniel; comprising observations on the fall of the Turkish empire, and the past and present state of Arabia and Egypt.


Ch. XXVI. The Seventh Vial shewn to foretell a

Revolution in the state of Europe; with remarks on some contemporaneous predictions of the apocalypse. 503.

Ch. XXVII. An inquiry into the meaning of the latter

part of Christ's prophecy, recorded in the twentyfirst chapter of Luke.


Ch. XXVIII. Objections against the common interpretations of Christ's prophecy.


Ch. XXIX. Extracts relative to the Dispersion and the Restoration of the Jews, and a selection of passages of fcripture foretelling those events; together with a short account of the false Meffiahs and impostors, who have appeared among the Jews, and some quotations relative to the Afghans and the Tartars.


Ch. XXX. An elucidation of passages which prove, that that happy period, commonly denominated the Millennium, is destined at length to arrive; together with arguments in opposition to the opinion, that Christ will descend to reign upon earth at the commencement of it, and some remarks on the tendency of Christianity to cause the overthrow of tyranny, and the establishment of equal governments.


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App. to ch. XXX. Reflections on the beneficial effects, which Christianity has already produced, in favour of Civilization and Freedom, of Literature and Virtue; and on the influence it may be expected hereafter to have in the promotion of Liberty.


Ch. XXXI. Farther thoughts on the True Nature of

the Millennium


Index of Texts dire&tly or indirectly illustrated. 763.

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It is proper to inform the reader, that the heads, prefixed to the chapters, are more brief than those contained in the preceding table of contenis,


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