Cracking the Symbol Code: Revealing the Secret Heretical Messages Within Church and Renaissance Art

Watkins, 2005 - 309 páginas
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A heretic in medieval times was anyone who dissented from the Church. Courageous and steadfast dissenters included the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Cathars, and scientists of the day. These groups had a mission: to safeguard the truth about Jesus Christ and his ministry, which they believed had been rejected and suppressed by ruthless oppressors in the name of the established Church. Persecuted, they devised an ingenious and complex secret code for communicating with others of like minds and to preserve the truth for future generations. The code was concealed in symbols, hidden in the art, artefacts and architecture of the medieval world. keys, there will always be an intuitive element to the understanding of the coded messages. This book is an inspiration to examine the artefacts, paintings and architecture, looking for the hidden codes - to experience the mystical sensation of discovering the secret messages meant for us and our descendants as much as for the artists' contemporaries.

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