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descend and rest upon thee, when occupied in the delightful employ, and cause thee to grow up as calves of the stall, as willows by the water-courses, as the tree planted by the rivers of water, and as the cedar of Lebanon,—to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; and, finally, to grow up into Him in all things, who is the HEAD, even CHRIST. Fervently praying that my persuasion may be verified in thy happy experience, I subscribe myself, Christian Reader,

Thy sincere Friend and Servant

Bethnal Green,
Aug. 10, 1804.

in the Vineyard of our Lord,







IN a Treatise on Growth in Grace, as begun and carried on in Fellowship and Communion with the Persons in the Godhead-with the Father in his everlasting love, by Faith in the Son's salvation, through the sacred teachings and Influences of the Holy Spirit, it is absolutely necefsary that the written word of God should be closely attended to. The Bible is a record, testimony, and memorial of the free, rich, and sovereign grace of the holy and efsential Three, who exist in the one incomprehensible JEHOVAH, inasmuch as it gives an account of their display and manifestation of it towards and upon the elect in Christ Jesus. The deepest and most profound mystery, which the Lord God hath been pleased to make known


therein, is that, which concerns his efsence and personalities. The revelation, which he hath given of himself, leads us to conceive and believe his nature, being, life, and blessedness to be incomprehensible, and his personalities to be efsential. "For there are "three that bear record in Heaven, the "Father, the Word, and the Holy "Ghost, and these three are one. This incomprehensible and efsential truth made known by the everlasting gospel, respecting the distinction of persons in the one JEHOVAH, is the foundation of all true, spiritual, and divine worship. Baptism, which is a part of instituted worship, is by Christ's command to be performed, "In the name of the Father,

a "

and of the Son, and of the Holy "Ghost." In which scripture not only the divine Trinity are most exprefsly mentioned; but also in the order in which they exist co-equally and co-efsentially in the Godhead.

In the apostolical benediction, which runs thus, "The grace of our Lord Je"sus Christ, and the love of God, and "the communion of the Holy Ghost, "be with you all," the divine Trinity are both acknowledged and worshipped. And, in the Revelation, we have a a 1 John v. 7. b Matt. xxviii. 19. c2 Cor. xiii. 14.

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