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Of whom the believer says, "He is the "rock, his work is perfect"." The work of the Holy Ghost in the souls of the regenerate is great and glorious,— worthy of himself. It is perfect, and truly divine. As the spirit of the living God, he enters into the souls of his people, quickens them, and makes them alive to God: thus saith the apostle, "You hath he quickened." And having quickened them, he lives, dwells, and will abide in them for ever. He is a witness to us for JESUS, sets his seal to the eternal value, everlasting perfection, virtue, and efficacy of his obedience and sacrifice, and testifies that all the sins of the elect are freely and fully forgiven by the Father in consequence thereof. "The blood of Jesus Christ "his Son cleanseth us from all sin."

He shews how Christ's obedience unto death is the everlasting righteousnefs of his church,-that his people are complete in him,-that he works effectually on them in consequence of it, and forms them in regeneration for Jehovah's praise. At which time they are born of God,-born the sons of God,-born heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, -interested in, and effectually introduced into the kingdom of grace, which cannot be moved. As the new-born, b Deut. xxxii. 4. c Eph. ii. 1. C d Heb. x. 15.

they are brought into a state of grace openly and manifestatively. In their new birth also they are furnished with all those spiritual faculties, perceptions, senses, and affections, which qualify them for those spiritual enjoyments which belong to this state. The Holy Ghost is pleased to enlarge those faculties. He shines upon, quickens, and draws forth the senses and affections of the inner man, and exercises them on Christ and God in him. The state, into which the child of God is brought by regeneration and conversion, is a state of perfect acceptance with God, perfect justification before God, and of free and full pardon of all sin. God's eternal purposes of grace towards his people now begin to take place actually in them. Hence the apostle says, " Who "hath saved us, and called us with an "holy calling, not according to our "works, but according to his own pur

pose and grace, which was given us

in Christ Jesus before the world be"gan." The believer hath a new understanding given him in regeneration to know the Lord his God. He hath spiritual ears to hear the voice of God in his word speaking unto him and saying, "I AM "I AM THE LORD THY GOD." He hath spiritual eyes, the eyes of his

* 2 Tim. i. 9.

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understanding, which are opened by the Holy Spirit, that he may have a spiritual sight and perception of Jesus, the Son of God, as made by the Father unto him "Wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption." He hath spiritual hands to handle the word of life,—a spiritual appetite to feed on the bread of life,—a thirst for Christ the water of life, and feet to walk in Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life. In brief, the believer is exactly suited by the work of the Holy Ghost within him to take in Christ, and to enjoy fellowship with Jesus, who is all-sufficient to fill every faculty of the new-born soul, and to give and continue perfect joy and satisfaction to every one of the spiritual senses thereof.

One of the greatest blefsings, and which includes all others which the Lord God bestows on his people, is contained in these declarations of his, "I will be "thy God," "I am the Lord thy God," "I am thine:" which contain the utmost exprefsions of grace, that can be revealed on earth or made known in Heaven, where the Lord will be our everlasting light, and our God our glory.God is the God of his people, and as such he hath bestowed himself in all his persons; and he exercises all his perfec

f 1 Cor. i. 30.

tions on their behalf. His love is the fountain and spring of all their happinefs in time and eternity. His mercy, which is but the exercise of his love to them in their fallen state, and as perfectly corrupted in their fallen nature, encompasses them as with a shield. His compassions are exprefsed towards them every moment. His eye is continually upon them. His ear is open to their cry and that greatest of all promises, which contains in it all others, he fulfils in them, "I will give them an heart to "know me, that I am the Lord, and they shall be my people, and I will be "their God"." The prophet Isaiah gives us a beautiful account of the divine procedure, and how the Lord acts with his regenerate ones. "I will pour


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water upon him that is thirsty, and "floods upon the dry ground," which Jehovah himself thus explains, saying, "I "will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, "and my blefsing upon thine offspring." The effect follows, "And they (under the outpouring of the Holy Ghost) shall spring up as among "the grafs, as willows by the water " courses'. i 99 The Holy Ghost, by putting forth his life-giving power through the word in their souls, by opening their renewed minds to receive the true knowIsaiah xliv. 3, 4.


b Jer. xxiv. 7.

ledge of God in Christ from the word, and by anointing them with his own unctuous influences, constrains them to acknowledge the Lord to be their God. "One shall say, I am the Lord's; "and another shall call himself by the "name of Jacob; and another shall "subscribe with his hand unto the "Lord, and surname himself by the "name of Israel." Thus God is pleased to acknowledge his people, to call them by name, to bring them near himself, to induce them to acknowledge him, and call him the God of their salvation. Thus he is pleased to speak unto them by the prophet, "Ye shall be my peo"ple, and I will be your God." And speaking of them and his grace, which should take place in them", he says,

And they shall be my people, and I "will be their God. And I will give "them one heart and one way, that "they may fear me for ever, for the

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good of them and of their children "after them. And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I "will not turn away from them to do "them good; but I will put my fear in "their hearts, that they shall not depart "from me." And to shew how much

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