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Philadelphia (Mt. Airy) Lutheran theological seminary. Krauth
memorial library


of the

Krauth Memorial Library

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

Wednesday, June 3



733 P55


HE Seminary moved from Franklin Square, Philadelphia, to its present location in Mt. Airy in 1889. Much historic interest attaches to the site, for it was the home of Chief Justice Allen, prior to the Revolutionary period, and here also the first blood was shed in the Battle of Germantown. Later a military academy was conducted here, and a number of generals afterwards famous in the Civil War were educated here, among them Generals Meade and Beauregard. The property was later in the hands of the Gowen family, from whom it was purchased by the Seminary.

The first Seminary building erected on the grounds was the students' dormitory. The Gowen mansion, with a few alterations, was made to serve very acceptably as a recitation building. Here also the library was stored, completely filling the third story, with the liturgical collection in a large hall-room on the second floor.

Four professors' houses and the Schaeffer-Ashmead Memorial Church were later built, and in the summer of 1906 ground was broken for the Krauth Memorial Library. The corner-stone was laid on Seminary Day, September 27, 1906, and the dedication took place June 3, 1908. A beautiful day, a notable gathering of distinguished churchmen, dignified and impressive exercises, splendid addresses, and large crowds of deeply interested and keenly appreciative people, made the occasion memorable indeed, as the beautiful building was formally set apart for its work, the handsomest library building connected with any American Theological Seminary and a monument thoroughly representative of the best in the Lutheran Church and worthy of her great future in this country.

The Morning Program.

The exercises were held in a large tent, with chairs for twelve hundred persons. Eight brass instruments and a student choir under the direction of the Rev. Gomer C. Rees led the singing. The Rev. Prof. A. Spaeth, D.D., LL.D.., read the Service and conducted the other exercises."


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