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Página 49 - With thee conversing I forget all time ; All seasons and their change, all please alike. Sweet is the breath of morn, her rising sweet, With charm of earliest birds...
Página 141 - And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers, Is always the first to be touched by the thorns.
Página 595 - SING them upon the sunny hills, When days are long and bright, And the blue gleam of shining rills Is loveliest to the sight ! Sing them along the misty moor, Where ancient hunters roved, And swell them through the torrent's roar, The songs our fathers loved ! The songs their souls rejoiced to hear When harps were in the hall, And each proud note made lance and spear Thrill on the...
Página 173 - ... clothed in purple and fine linen, and fare sumptuously every day, while the laborer is fed with the crumbs which fall from the table of the rich.
Página 48 - Thee I revisit safe, And feel thy sovran vital lamp; but thou Revisit'st not these eyes, that roll in vain To find thy piercing ray, and find no dawn; So thick a drop serene hath quenched their orbs, Or dim suffusion veiled.
Página 485 - That it shall and may be lawful to and for any number of persons, in Great Britain, to form themselves into, and to establish one or more society or societies of good fellowship, for the purpose of raising from time to time, by subscriptions of the several members...
Página 73 - But that will avail you nothing, for it is a part of a general system. Pound St Paul's church into atoms, and consider any single atom; it is, to be sure, good for nothing: but, put all these atoms together, and you have St Paul's church.
Página 303 - GREEK GRAMMAR; With' Notes for the use of those, who have made some Progress in the Language.
Página 539 - ' that the House do resolve itself into a committee of the whole house, to consider the...
Página 315 - Murray was admitted to the bar, and received a licence to practise, both as counsel and attorney, in all the courts of the state of New York. In this profession he continued, with increasing reputation and success, till the troubles in America interrupted all business of this nature. He then engaged in mercantile pursuits, in which, by his diligence, abilities, and respectable connexions, he soon acquired a handsome competency.

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