Iron Heart

AuthorHouse, 2002 - 396 páginas

Iron Heart is a story that will reach deep into the heart of any man, woman, or teen, deeper than the deepest iron mine. Life in a mining town involves more than mining the depths of the earth. There are the depths of each person's heart to discover.

Meet Nellie, George, Richard, and all the people living on Miners' Hill and High Hill in the city of Bluestone, Michigan, during the years, 1904-1928. Nellie learns about the different kinds of men and the meaning of real love.

It is the story of a fatherless young woman who faces a marriage to a man chosen by her mother. Tragedy changes the course of her life, and she has the courage to cross the line of poverty into the dwellings of high society. There is a social division between the families of the miners and the families of the men in mine administration. How can an uneducated miner's daughter face this dilemma?

This is the story of the rough dangerous life of iron miners in Northern Michigan at the turn of the century, the struggles of the wives and children to survive the tragedies of mining. The heartbreaks of abuse, alcohol, and death are balanced with the peace of prayer, the caring of friends and neighbors, the optimism of a humor. Even a heart as hard as iron can soften in the light of the Son of God.

The lives of Nellie, George, and Richard show how we can waste our lives or live each day to its fullest. Together with Nellie, George, and Richard, the reader can face hard work and cruel social divisions and still enjoy friendship and old-fashioned fun with all the citizens of Bluestone. ---

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