A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life

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In this book, William Law has some excellent writings about the Devout and Holy Life. According to the wisdom God has given him, William describes some intense but practical teachings on how to live a Holy Life. Among the items he explains are: - Why Christian's Fall So Short Of Holiness - The Great Danger Of Willfully Sinning - Please God Only Through Devoting It All - Wisdom In The Use Of Money - Bringing One Part Under God's Rule Will Help In Bringing Other Parts Under God's Rule - If You Are Vain In One Thing You Are Vain In Everything - All Men And Women Are Obliged To Devote Themselves To God - Great Devotion Will Fill Your Life With The Greatest Peace And Happiness - Worldly Inventions Of Happiness Are In Vain - Regular Life Without Devotion Also All In Vain - Humility Runs Contrary To The World - Devotion To God Should Be Your Aim Regardless Of Profession - Necessity Of Conformity To The Will Of God - Necessity Of Examination Founded Upon The Necessity Of Repentance

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