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Página 220 - The moon on the east oriel shone, Through slender shafts of shapely stone, By foliaged tracery combined ; Thou would'st have thought some fairy's hand 'Twixt poplars straight the ozier wand, In many a freakish knot had twined ; Then framed a spell, when the work was done, And changed the willow wreaths to stone.
Página 21 - Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap, Each in his narrow cell for ever laid, The rude Forefathers of the hamlet sleep.
Página 16 - Where each old poetic mountain Inspiration breathed around ; Every shade and hallowed fountain Murmured deep a solemn sound : Till the sad Nine, in Greece's evil hour, Left their Parnassus for the Latian plains.
Página 143 - Shakespeare was godfather to one of Ben Jonson's children, and, after the christening, being in a deep study, Jonson came to cheer him up, and asked him why he was so melancholy. ' No faith, Ben,' says he, ' not I, but I have been considering a great while what should be the fittest gift for me to bestow upon my godchild, and I have resolved at last.' ' I prythee, what ? ' says he. ' I' faith, Ben, I'll e'en give him a dozen good Latin (latten) spoons, and thou shalt translate them.
Página 129 - Where the virgins are soft as the roses they twine, And all, save the spirit of man, is divine? Tis the clime of the East; 'tis the land of the Sun — Can he smile on such deeds as his children have done? Oh! wild as the accents of lovers' farewell Are the hearts which they bear, and the tales which they tell.
Página 85 - tis haunted, holy ground, No earth of thine is lost in vulgar mould, But one vast realm of wonder spreads around, And all the Muse's tales seem truly told, Till the sense aches with gazing to behold The scenes our earliest dreams have dwelt upon : Each hill and dale, each deepening glen and wold Defies the power which crush'd thy temples gone : Age shakes Athena's tower, but spares gray Marathon.
Página 284 - In high winds so briny an atmosphere surrounds this gloomy solitude, from the dashing of the waves, that a person exposed to it could hardly draw his breath. At these dreadful intervals the forlorn inhabitants keep close quarters, and are obliged to live in darkness, listening to the howling storm, excluded in every emergency from the hope of human assistance, and without any earthly comfort but that which...
Página 143 - the c " work is very great and dangerous : I desire you " seriously to consider, before you engage in it.
Página 284 - ... the least hope of assistance, and without any earthly comfort, but what is administered from their confidence in the strength of the building in which they are immured. Once, on relieving this forlorn guard, one of the men was found dead, his companion choosing rather to shut himself up with a putrifying carcase, than, by throwing it into the sea, to incur the suspicion of murder.
Página 142 - Holland died rather young, and Foote attended as one of the mourners. He was really grieved ; and the friend from whom I had the account, declared that his eyes were swollen with tears ; yet when the...

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