We Saw the Sun Rise Twice: It's Always Too Soon to Quit

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 416 páginas
Do you want God's best for your life? Do you want to feel special to Him? Do you want some answers in some very difficult situations? Do you want to hear how others have "walked on the water?" Do you want to "touch the hem of His garment?" Do you want to drink from the "well that never shall run dry?" Are you walking in the sunshine or the dark shadows of life? Whatever your circumstances might be, this book is for you. This book is for your daughter. This book is one that you and your husband could read together It is not about the author or her opinion, but the universal and not optional principles of God. It demonstrates living illustrations of the consequences of their application or the failure to employ them. You can laugh, you can cry, you can sympathize with those that wept, and you can learn to forgive. Life is on a moving walkway taking you steadily toward a door marked "death". There are all sorts of varying circumstances en route. God says, "This is the Way, walk ye in it." Often in the dark shadows of life, or even in the sunlight we ask "What is the Way?" The people in this book asked that question. They found the "Way." Our God answered their cry, and they chose to follow His directions, even though it sometimes seemed against their common sense. You'll find answers that can change your whole perspective on life. Those that took the challenge to pray a very simple short prayer "Lord, change me" are living examples of changed lives. The results were not dependent upon God changing the circumstances. They were willing for God to change them in their circumstances. If you're reading this and you have an irregular person in your life, let me encourage you. That irregular person has hurts and they have walked into your life because God has trusted you to be a big part of their "healing." Perhaps they have never heard that God loves them just the way they are, but He loves them too much to leave them that way. You can be a very strong link between them and God. You decide. "Do you want God's best for your life.?"

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