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REV. Ralph Gore the author was my grandfather. My father was the late Daniel Lawson Gore and reading this book has really opened my eyes to the importance of remaining obedient to serving GOD no matter what trials we are experiencing in everyday life. I’m so thankful for a strong Christian upbringing that no matter my choices I have accepted GOD and my salvation cannot be taken from me and GOD is always there to guide me back to my spiritual path. This book is very enlightening and teaches the importance of serving GOD even when worldly sin forces you to fight in the fire never loose sight of what work and purpose GOD has planned for us. This world is not my home and I’m truly BLESSED no matter how hot the fire gets. This book will definitely open your eyes, encourage you to not give up, and keep you focused on what’s most important. I truly needed this. Natasha Hope Gore, Rev Ralph Sadler Gore’s granddaughter.  

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