Christianity Made Simple: Or Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being a Christian and Didn't Know How to Ask

Createspace Independent Pub, 2005 M09 14 - 232 páginas
This is a wonderful book that helps to define the basic precepts of Christianity in a simple question and answer format. It speaks in plain, concise language about a subject that is normally not simple to address. The author grounds her beliefs in Bible text, but she also adds wonderfully illuminating examples from her own life that add extra weight to her convicted statements. The book stands as entertaining, enlightening, and even inspiring. - J.T. Akron, Ohio I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book. So many books on Christianity come across sounding didactic or fake, but this one sounds like it's written by someone who's been there and is truly trying to share her wisdom with others looking to find a deeper relationship with the Lord, rather than trying to sell a book. Whether you're a confused, new Christian, or just looking for some inspiration and guidance, this is a good book to read. - L.B. Dennison Ohio

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Acerca del autor (2005)

Ms. Bower was raised in a small Ohio town, attended a state university and worked for 20 years as a mechanical engineer in the area of machine design. She is now an adjunct professor of mathematics in a small Ohio university. I was raised in a traditional denominational church, and never really got the message that God wanted an intimate personal relationship with each of us. I somehow had the idea that if you were good God loved you, but if your weren't you just missed it. Needless to say, I eventually came to the point where I realized I just wasn't that good. Gradually I decided I was just too intelligent to beleive all this "nonsense" about virgin birth, resurrection, and miracles anyway. (I had been a graduate student in philosophy, you see.) I wondered why would He need to do it that way? What was the point? But at one point I came to the realization that if there was a God, I needed Him. I was weary of trying to do it all myself. I kept finding the passage "No one comes to the Father except through the son". So I asked Jesus, "If you're really there, show me". And He did. He has been showing me ever since. And so much more. He has shown me that there is a place in the heart of God for each one of us. It is not until we find that place in Him that our soul finds rest. Each person searches for peace in his own way. At the end of our searching we are still empty, until we find our place in Him. And once we find that place, we realize this is what we have been longing for all along. My prayer is that everyone reading this book will come into his rightful place in God, through the way that Jesus made for us on the cross, and find the end of all desire in the indescribable, unfathomable love of God. When you do, you will find He has been waiting all along.

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