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AT the reprintings of this volume in 1896 and 1897, opportunity was taken to correct such errors as had been discovered, and to add the decisions in the most important cases occurring since the first issue. On the present occasion additions have been made to the text, an attempt has been made to notice all recent decisions, and the appendices have been enlarged, completed, and brought down to date. At the same time the writer has done his best to keep the book from increasing in size, a task by no means easy in view of the ever-expanding material of the subject and the unceasing activity of litigants and judges.

BI LIVERPOOL AND London Chambers, Liverpool,

15th October 1899.


AT the close of a course of lectures delivered in the Michaelmas term of 1893 at University College, Liverpool, under the auspices of the Liverpool Board of Legal Studies, I was honoured with several requests for the issue of the lectures in book form. In spite of the existence of such admirable manuals as the late Mr. Richard Lowndes's Practical Treatise on the Law of Marine Insurance, and Mr. Charles M'Arthur's Contract of Marine Insurance, there seemed to be a want of some smaller and simpler book, adapted for the needs of beginners, and of those desirous of obtaining a general knowledge of the principles and practice of Marine Insurance, rather than a complete criticism of recent decisions on the subject. On consideration of the matter it became clear that if I was to make an attempt to meet this want, the subject must be worked over again by me from the beginning, the forms of expression employed in the lectures being in many cases ill-adapted or quite unsuitable for a book. I have accordingly rewritten the whole work, and have endeavoured to embody in the following pages the results of all important decisions on Marine Insurance up to 1st February 1895. The authorities consulted are given in detail in the list on pages xi. and xii.; unfortunately Mr. Tyser's book did not come into my hands until it was too late to use it.

I venture to indulge in the hope that my experience of insurance in merchants' and shipowners' business may have enabled me to appreciate those wants of the Assured which underwriters are sometimes thought unduly to neglect.

I desire to acknowledge with thanks the permission given to me by Mr. Reginald G. Marsden and his publishers, Messrs. W. Clowes and Sons, Limited, to reproduce some of the documents given in the Appendix; the suggestions made by Mr. T. A. Bellew, Secretary of the Liverpool Underwriters' Association; and the constant assistance of my friend and deputy, Mr. Cyril A. Prescott, who has given me much help in correcting the text and checking the case-references, and has drawn up the Index of Cases.

To the unfailing kindness and invaluable advice of another friend I owe if possible even more, but without his permission I cannot take the liberty of placing his name on this page and of so conferring on it a distinction not mine to bestow.



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