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TWAS not blind chance that laid me low,

Nor chance my health reftor'd;
In each, my God, I fee thy hand,
And be thy name ador'd.

2. Father, if I indeed may call
Thee by a name fo dear,
With thy rebuke thy bleffing grant,
And teach my foul thy fear.

3. My health with all its cluft'ring fweets

Teach me aright to prize;.
And 'midst thy bounties let my heart
In conftant thanks arife.

4. Yet let not earth's enjoyments lead
My heedlefs feet aftray;
But teach me as a stranger here
To walk the heav'nly way.

5. Oh, let my best affections, Lord,
Be fet on things above:

There fix this wav'ring, wand'ring heart, Nor let it thence remove.

6. Subdue each finful, low defire
Within this foul of mine;

My God, let ev'ry with I form
And ev'ry thought be thine.

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Can drive my cares away;
Thy love can cheer my saddest hour,
And turn my night to day.

2. Though in a dreary wafte I walk,
My foul fhall fear no ill;
If on my head thy candle shine,
The wilderness shall smile.

3. Though from my pious friends re mov'd,

To me fo justly dear, Thou, Lord, art present still with them, And thou art present here.

4. Ev'n abfent, we can ftill enjoy,
Around thy throne of grace,
Communion fweet in humble prayer,
And songs of facred praise.

5. Haften, O Lord, that joyful day
When all who thee adore,
Shall meet around thy throne above,
And parting be no more.


Donations to the Miffionary Society of Connecticut, from February 15th to March 15th, 1803.

Rev. Jedidiah Bushnell, contributed in new fettlements,
Rev. George Colton, Bolton,

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SINCE this Magazine went to prefs, fome very interefting communications have come to hand from the London Miffionary Society to the Truflees of the Miffionary Society of Connecticut, extracts from which will be publifbed in the next Magazine. From thefe communications it appears that the miffionary caufe is profpered, and there is great reafon to hope that the London Society will be made the inftruments of promoting pure Chriflianity in France and the northern parts of Italy.

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No. 1.

Treafurer of the LONDON MIS-
the Truflees of the MISSIONARY


London, 20th Nov. 1802.


[No. 11.

of a divine impreffion on the mind, and then it will most probably be lafting-increafing-and effica


Our official letter to your Society, and the papers which accompany it, which you will no doubt fee, render it unneceffary for me to enlarge on those subjects. We have reafon for thankfulness that Divine Providence has rendered our inftitution the occafion of fo much advantage to the general interests of religion in the world as to encourage our cheer. ful perfeverance, and our firm confidence in his continued pro

ther we proceed, the more enlarged appears to be the sphere in which our operations are invited, and we indulge the hope that the

HAD the honor to receive your letter accompanying the five first numbers of the Connectection and bleffing. The furticut Evangelical Magazine. It afforded me great fatisfaction to be informed of the formation of your Miffionary Society, and of the measures which you are adopt-animated and increafing exertions ing to communicate to the Hea- of Christians, in different parts of then the knowledge of their Crea- the world, will, in the course of a tor and Redeemer. This merito- few years, be instrumental in prorious zeal to enlarge the boundaries ducing a confiderable extenfion of of our Saviour's kingdom on earth our Redeemer's kingdom.-You is happily extending on every fide, will perceive by the accompanying and is an honorable mark by which report, that a wide door is openthe prefent generation of Chrif-ed in France for the introduction tians is characterized and diftin guished. We hope it is the effect VOL. III. No. 11.

of the pure principles of Chriftianity, and there is now ftrong Eee


ground to believe not only that
the fcriptures will be extenfively
circulated there by means of our.
Society, but also that we fhall
without delay proceed to build a
place for divine worship in Paris-
a circumftance which a few years
ago muft have appeared in the
highest degree incredible.

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our last annual addrefs and the Report of our Brethren lately deputed to vifit France, for the purposes therein ftated: From both which you will we doubt not receive pleasure.

We cannot communicate these papers to you without taking the opportunity of testifying afresh our chriftian affection and our cordial union with you, in the work in which you are engaged. To have any reafon to hope that the Lord is employing us as instruments, however unworthy, of pro

The difpenfations of Providence, as they affect the moral condition of the human race, are very remarkable; and difaftrous as they have undoubtedly been to every clafs in fociety connected with antichrift, their refult appears aufpicious to the interefts of the true and unadulterated religion of our Saviour. And while the men of the world are looking to future events with a confidera-moting his caufe and intereft, in ble degree of anxious forebodings, the world, and of furthering his the difciples of Chrift are full of bleffed designs and eternal purhope that by means of the great pofes,-how comforting and anipolitical occurrences which fo ma-mating is it! To have any ground terially vary the ftate of civil fo- to believe that through his divine ciety, the peaceful kingdom of benediction, we are not wholly the Redeemer will rapidly ad- laboring in vain,-how ought it to excite our highest praifes, and to ftimulate us to undaunted efforts and unwearied diligence ! Be this encouragement and this confolation yours, Dear Brethren, and ours, and the portion of all those who love the name of the Saviour, and who pray and ftrive that it may be known from the rifing to the fetting of the fun.


It will afford me pleafure to receive your communications on this interefting fubject, and to have our languid zeal quickened by your accounts of the more animated exertions of our Chriftian Brethren in America.

I am very refpectfully,
Dear Sir,

Your faithful fervant,

The Hon. John'
Treadwell. S

No. 2.

Letter from the Directors of the
London Miffionary Society, to
the Miffionary of Connecticut.

The former of the enclosed papers will inform you of what are our general purpofes, and plans: the latter will offer to your view a field of operation fo unexpected, fo ample and so promifing, as will leave you in doubt which most to admire, the goodnefs of God in opening it unto us, or the magnitude of the work of which it may be the commencement. But to indulge ourselves in reflections of

this nature might have the appearance perhaps, of too highly raifed expectations, whilft if juft it could only anticipate what your affection for the caufe will fuggeft. We fhall therefore only add, join us, Dear Brethren, in thanksgiving to the Moft High, for what he has thus done; and pray for us, that wisdom, zeal and energy may be imparted to us, that we may not neglect, or mifimprove the important talent thus apparently put into our hands.

Nor are we without encouragement from our other ftations. The Lord is enabling our brethren to remain faithful, to abide the difficulties and temptations to which they are expofed, and if not in every inflance giving them immediate feals to their labors, affording them fuch profpects as are fufficient to cause them to believe that, in due time they fhall reap if they faint not. We should be happy to enter into detail, did the limits of a letter permit it; and we abstain from it with lefs reluctance from the conviction that they are not unknown to you, through the medium of the Evangelical Magazine. It is moreover our defign to furnish the chriftian world with a more minute relation of our operations, by the publication of a Journal which will contain the chief incidents at our several miffionary ftations, and which we truft, from the diligence and zeal of our Brethren to whom the work is committed, will not long be withheld from the public expectation.

our tardinefs. If we cannot alto, gether exculpate ourselves in this particular we will intreat our brethren not to be fo rigorous in the exaction of letter for letter; affuring them that they are not left out of our remembrance, altho the variety and extent of our engagements do not leave us much opportunity of teftifying it. Did they know how much pleafure and freshness of zeal fuch communications fpread over our meetings of bufinefs, they would not think their labor either useless or loft. Let us exprefs our hope that our Dear Brethren at Connecticut will frequently administer to us this confolation.

That the great head of the church may gladden and fanction your meetings with his prefence, give wifdom and zeal to your plans, energy and fuccefs to your endeavors, and afford you the fatisfaction of witneffing Zion's prof perity in your churches and country is our unfeigned defire and prayer. prayer. We falute you unitedly and individually, with chriftian love; and with fincerity affure you that we are, Dear Brethren, in our Lord Jefus Chrift, your affectionate fellow laborers.

In the name of the Directors,


No. 3

An Addrefs from the Miffionary Society in London, to their Brethren throughout the world.

It is to us a fubject of regret T

that we do not hear more frequently from fome of our Brethren who are united as Societies for the extenfion of the Gofpel. They may perhaps fay that they have the fame reafon to complain of


HE tender intereft which our foreign brethren thro'out Europe, America, and at the Cape of Good Hope, have expreffed, for the prosperity of our Society, in their humble efforts to fpread the knowledge of the

blood-bought falyation of our in-, truft, we have lately beheld fome beams of the fun of righteousness, which promife the speedy approach of his kingdom in power, and in the Holy Ghoft. difk feems juft in the horizon, and ready to fill the earth with the brightnefs of his rifing. Could you have been prefent at our late annual affembly, which was favor


carnate God, revives our hearts, and calls forth anew our communications. The contents of this addrefs, will, we are fure, excite their grateful acknowledgements to Him, who hath the refidue of the Spirit, as the review of his gracious dealings with us, awakens our own. Supported by his all-fufficient ftrength, and encour-ed with fingular 'unction, you aged by his great and precious promifes, we continue to go forward, animated by the hope, that we fhall ftill fee greater things than thefe.

would have joined in exultation with us, as in one of the days of the Son of Man. The minifters of the fanctuary by hundreds flood forth as on the Lord's fide, and forgot all other diftinction, but the banner of the crofs, whilst thousands, more than our vast

The day of peace hath once more dawned upon us. The mif. eries we deplored in our own, and the neighboring nations, are alle-churches could contain, confeffed viated; and the wounds will, we truft, be healed, which the ravages of war had opened fo widely. Oh, for more of the Spirit of Jefus in all lands that mutual love and tender compaffion might unite us as men of one blood, and the Holy Ghoft fhed abroad in our hearts, join us as Chriftians in one fpirit to the living head of his church, Jefus Chrift. When the temple of Janus was fhut under Auguftus, the Prince of Peace made his firft gracious appearance in this lower world; and fhall we not hope and pray that when a like happy univerfal peace has united Christendom in one great, community, and opened a friendly intercourfe between the nations of the earth and the ifles of the fea, that the glory of the Lord fhall be revealed, in correfpondence with his promifes and prophecies; his word run, and be glorified to the ends of the earth; the Heathen be given to him for his inheritance; and all flefh fee the falvation of our God?

Brethren, with deep thankfulpefs and humble admiration, we

their union, and added their amen to our giving of thanks. All our folemnities were eagerly attended, and the laft affecting feene, in one of our largest places of worship, left a deep impreffion on every heart. The minilters and ftewards of his myfteries waited at the table of their Lord, filled with the rich provifion of the emblems of his facrifice; five or fix thoufand people were crowded around them, fpectators, or partakers with them of the folemn ordinance ;-among the number, a German, of the race of Abraham, called to preach the faith he once blafphemed, came forward with the cup of bleffing in his hands, and in broken accents, but in a language that made every heart to thrill, and the fweeteft tears to flow, avouched his beautiful, but fimple confeffion of the crucified Lord.

Whilst we hear and deprecate the vaunts of infidelity in all lands, the impious fites of reafon, falfely fo called, and the reviving ftruggles of fuperftition, no truly chriftian eye could have beheld

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