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An Account of Miffionary Labors. | vicinities; rode 707 miles, preach

THE Rev. Beriah Hotchkin went on a Miffion in the Summer

ed 56 times, attended 11 conferences, examined 14 perfons for church-membership, formed one

of 1798, in the county of Onta-church, administered the facrario and its vicinities; was abfent 58 days, rode 646 miles, and preached 41 Sermons.

The Rev. Jofeph Badger, went on a Miffion, at the fame time to the Sufquehannah country; was abfent 90 days, rode 935 miles, preached 67 times, formed one church, administered the Lord's Supper once, admitted 2 members into the church, and baptized 12 children.

The Rev. Jofeph Avery went on a Miffion in the Summer of 1799, to the county of Ontario ; was abfent 13 weeks, rode 1026 miles, preached 45 fermons, attended 32 religious conferences, formed one church, attended the examination of 44 perfons for admiffion to the churches, admitted 16 into churches, baptized 10 adult perfons, and 45 children.

In the Fall of 1799, he spent 13 weeks on a Miffion to the county of Ontario and its vicinities; preached 50 fermons, attended 28 religious conferences, and 8 church meetings; gathered one church, examined 6 perfons for admiffion to the churches, admitted 9 members, baptized 29 perfons, and adminiftered the facrament of the Lord's fupper 3


ment of the Lord's fupper once, and baptized two adults, and 14 children.

In the Summer of 1800, the Rev. David Perry labored 13 weeks in the western country, rode 1200 miles, preached 106 times, attended 7 religious conferences, adminiftered the Lord's fupper 3 times, collected church, baptized 26 perfons, and taught from houfe to house.


In the Summer of 1800, the Rev. Nathaniel Turner served as a Miffionary 8 weeks, in the State of Vermont; rode 770 miles, preached 58 times, attended 3 church meetings and three conferences; baptized 11 perfons, formed one church, and affifted in uniting two fmall churches in


At the fame time, the Rev. Timothy Woodbridge ferved as a Miffionary 8 weeks, to the Weft of Lake George, from whofe journal it appears, that he rode 421 miles, preached 33 times, made 17 family visits, formed one church, adminiftered the Lord's fupper once, and baptized 7 children.

Mr. Woodbridge, the winter following, performed 12 weeks more of miflionary fervice, in the fame In the beginning of the year country, rode 435 miles, preach1800, Mr. Abiel Jones, a candi-ed 49 times, made ten family vifdate preacher, fpent 4 weeks in its and 3 school vifits, and baptithe county of Ontario; preach-zed one child.

ed 24 fermons, attended feveral In the winter of 1801, Mr. conferences, and performed other Miffionary labors.

The Rev. Samuel Fuller, in the beginning of the year 1800, ferved 12 weeks in the counties of Onondaga, Cayuga, and their

Abiel Jones ferved 8 weeks in the western country, rode 300 miles, and preached 36 fermons.

In the fummer of 1801, Rev. Aaron Bafcom performed a miffion of 12 weeks in the western parts

of the State of New-York, rode Mr. Porter and Mr. Harrower have been or now are employed in Luzerne county and parts adjoining; Mr. Perry in Genefee; and Mr. Worcester in the Northweft part of Vermont.

861 miles, vifited 159 families, baptized 7 perfons, attended 4 conferences, vifited 8 fchools, formed one church, and preached 102 fermons.

In addition to these miffionaries,

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A Statement of the Funds of the Congregational Miffionary Society, originated in the Counties of Berkshire and Columbia, and the expenditures of the Funds, from July 1798, to September 1801.

1798. Feb.

Account of Monies received by the Treasurer.

Received entrance money from fundry members,
Contribution from the people in Spencertown,
April to June. Entrance money from five members,
Contribution from Green-River,
Entrance money and private donation,
Contribution from New-Lebanon,


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Entrance money from nine members,

A contribution from Weft- Stockbridge,
A contribution from New-Marlborough,

On a fubfcription for printing the Constitution, &c.

1799. May. A contribution from Middlefield,

A contribution from Chefter,

A contribution from Pittsfield,

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A contribution from Green River,

From Rev. Beriah Hotchkin, collected on a miffion,
Entrance money and annual dues from members,
From Rev. Jofeph Badger, collected on a miflion,
A contribution from Lee,

A contribution from Cornwall, (Vt.)

From Rev. Jacob Avery, collected on a mission,

1800. Jan. A contribution from Sheffield,

From Rev. Benjamin Woofter, Vermont,
From Rev. Jacob Catlin, collected on a miffion,
Annual due of two members,

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A contribution from Stockbridge,

56 72

A contribution from Richmond,

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A contribution from Spencertown,

From Mrs. Phebe Stevens, on a donation made by Rev.

John Stevens, deceased,

13 43


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From Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, collected on a mission,
From Rev. Samuel Fuller, collected on a miffion,

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1801. Sept.

A contribution from Goshen, Maff.
Donation from Rev. Daniel Collins,
Donation from Rev. Gideon Hawley,

Donation from Mrs. Lydia Codner,

From Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, collected on a miffion,

A contribution from Pittsfield,

Entrance money and annual dues from members,

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A private donation,

A donation from Rev. Nath. Turner,

A donation from Elisha Lee, Efq.



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1798, July.


Of the expenditures of the Funds, by order of the Trufices of the Society.

Paid Rev. Jofeph Badger for 12 weeks miffion to Sufque-
hannah and Chenango, his pulpit being supplied by
neighboring minifters,

Aug. to Sept. 1799. Paid Rev. Beriak Hotchkin for 8 weeks miffion
to the county of Ontario,

Paid Roffeter & Willard for printing the conftitution, 1799. May to Sept, Paid Rev. Jofeph Avery for 12 weeks Miffion to the county of Ontario, &c. his pulpit being supplied by neighboring minifters,

Paid Rev. Ifaac Babbit for fupplying Mr. Avery's pulpit
one fabbath,

1800. Jan. Paid Rev. Jacob Catlin for 12 weeks miffion to the coun-
ty of Ontario, his pulpit being supplied,

D. C.


47 65 18



Paid Rev. Samuel Fuller, for 12 weeks mission to the
county of Ontario,



Paid Rev. David Perry for 13 weeks miffion to Onondago
and its vicinity, his pulpit being fupplied,

Paid Rev. Jacob Catlin for 50 pamphlets, the pofthumous
works of Rev. John Stevens, deceased,

Paid Mr. Abiel Jones for 4 weeks miffion to the county
of Ontario and its vicinities,




Paid Rev. Timothy Woodbridge for 8 weeks miffion to the
weftward of Lake George,



October. Paid Rev. Nathaniel Turner for 5 weeks mission to Vermont, his pulpit being supplied,

1801. Sep. Paid Rev. Timothy Woodbridge for 12 weeks mission
to the weftward of Lake George,

Paid Mr. Abiel Jones to engage him on a miffion to the

Paid Rev. Samuel Fuller, to engage him on a mission to the

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A hint to wealthy Chriftians. HE following thoughts are not addreffed to cold, formal or hypocritical profeffors, but to thofe who love our Lord Jefus Chrift in fincerity, who have the fame mind which was in him, who have his Spirit dwelling in them, who know in a measure the terrors of the Lord, the worth of immortal fouls, who have tafted that the Lord is gracious and who have fome zeal for the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom in the world.

You cannot be infenfible, dear and refpected brethren, how highly you are favored. In connection with an abundance of the good things of the prefent life, you have also bestowed upon you the unspeakably richer bleffings of the covenant of grace. Under an affecting sense of the manifold bleffings your heavenly Father hath conferred upon you, you have doubtless been led individually to adopt the language of the Pfalmift and make the grateful enquiry, "What fhall I render to the Lord for all his benefits to me?" Difpofed alfo to reply in the language of the fame devotion, "I will take the cup of falvation and call on the name of the Lord," it is hoped the hint fuggefted in thefe lines will not be unacceptable to you.

Taking the cup of falvation yourselves, furely you will with to pledge your fellow creatures with the fame, and to this end, with a fervent importunity calling on the name of the Lord, you will feel it incumbent upon you to make exertions according to the ability with which you are furnished by a bountiful providence.

Thro' the kind ordering of the great head of the church provifionis made and making for fending forth

heralds of the everlasting gospel to new and distant fettlements and among the favage tribes. The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few. And what provifion is made to increase their number? Are there not pious youth of good genius, who long for an education that they may be prepared to go forth in the fervice? But alas, they want the means-they have no ability to defray the expense. And to fend forth raw, undifciplined troops in this arduous fervice would tend to fink the eftimation of the miniftry and injure the cause.

You, Chriftian gentlemen, are furnished with the means of nurturing these promifing youth for the noble purpofe. And in the name of our adorable and benevolent Jefus who for you fakes became poor that ye through his poverty might be rich, can a portion of your property be appropriated to a more benevolent and important ufe? From the mind which was in Chrift and the spirit. of his gofpel, have you not reafon to conclude that fuch an appro priation would meet his warmeft approbation? And would it not entitle you to a reward in the great day, better than thousands of gold and filver? In this way how many friends may you make to yourselves of the mammon of unrighteousness, that when ye fail they may receive you into everlafting habitations.

Suppofing one of you should felect a youth and charge yourself with his education for the gospel miniftry, and your inventory should in confequence be one thoufand dollars lefs, would you have any reafon to regret the expenditure when feveral thousands yet remained for your heirs? Behold the dear youth the object of your

The Rev. John Willard, jun. has lately commenced a miffionary tour to the new fettlements on Connecticut River in the itates of Vermont and New-Hampthire; and the Rev. Samuel Leonard to the northern counties of Vermont.

benevolence through your inftru- | turned from a miffion of 4 months mentality rendered capable of do-to the northern parts of Vermont. ing fervice to mankind of more The Rev. James W. Woodvalue than many thoufands! Hearward, foon after his ordination, him exprefs his gratitude to you entered on a miffion to the fouthhis noble benefactor, and render ern counties in the western part of thanks and praise to that gracious New-York, and the northern God who put it into your heart. counties in Pennsylvania. If his labors be ftated, fee a church built up under his miniftry, or if itinerant, behold one congregation after another hanging upon his lips, numbers awakened to a fenfe of their perifhing condition, made acquainted with the glorious gospel and led to put their truft in Jefus ! Imagine thyfelf where indeed thou wilt fhortly be, in the prefence of thy glorious Redeemer above, fur-New-Connecticut; Rev. S. Wilrounded with thefe happy fouls, accompanied by the honored and happy inftrument of their converfion, foftered and raised up by thy benevolent hand; muft it not afford thy pious heart the most exquifite fatisfaction? Canft thou conceive of any way in which an appropriation of a portion of thy property with the divine bleffing, may turn to better account?

Or if the expense be thought. too heavy for thee as an individual, induce one or more of thy Chriftian brethren in fimilar circumftances, to unite with thee and fo jointly carry into effect the grand defign.

As you fupremely love the Lord Jefus Chrift and would with to approve yourselves to him as faithful ftewards, be intreated, dear brethren, to take the fubject into your ferious confideration, and let a word to the wife be fufficient. PHILO.


The Rev. Alex. Gillet lately re

The other miffionaries now in the fervice of the Miffionary Society of Connecticut, are Rev. Meffrs. Badger and Chapman in

liflon in the western counties of New-York; Rev. 7. Busknell either in New-York state or Vermont, and Rev. W. F. Miller in the northern part of NewYork weft of Lake Champlain.




The Lord's-day Morning.

WELCOME bright Morn, with
Which faw our bleffed Lord arife,
glad furprife,
And leave the prifon of the tomb,
To rife to realms to us unknown.
2. Triumphant thought, bleft Jefus rofe,
And trampled o'er his cruel foes;
He brake the bands of death in twain,
He lives and fhall forever reign.
3. He fends his bleffed Spirit down,
To fit us for a glorious crown;
Enlightening grace he freely gives,
The finner looks to him and lives.
4. Forever bleffed be his name,
Forever may I fing his fame;
Let time more fwiftly glide along,
That I may join the Heavenly Song.

Donation to the Miffionary Society of Conneticut.

Obadiah Gore of Shefhequin, Pennsylvania,

3 Doils 38 Cts.

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