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Mr. William Minot.

Memoirs of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.
Journal of an Expedition to Canada, 1711.
General H. A. S. Dearborn.

List of Persons taxed in Boston, 1835; Audubon's Collection of
Birds, 3 vols.
I. P. Davis, Esq.
J. Q. Adams.
Hon. James Savage.

Eulogy on James Madison.

Letters to Friends of Temperance.
Harvard University Treasurer's Statement.

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History of Worcester.
Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. II.

President Josiah Quincy.
William Lincoln, Esq.

The Society.

Candid Address to the Unitarian Ministers in Boston and vicinity; Portrait of "New Measures," 1835; Address of Rev. E. Jennings; Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. S. Whittlesey, 1807.

Dr. Jacob Porter.
Rev. Mr. Sibley.

Ancient Books on Music.

Address before the Law Association, by Hon. J. Kent, N. Y. 1836; Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware, by Rev. John C. Clay, Philadelphia, 1835. George Folsom, Esq., N. Y. Lecture before the Bangor Lyceum, by Rev. F. H. Hedge, 1836. The Author. Remarks and Documents as to preservation of Public Archives, by Richard Bartlett, Esq., of New York City, 1837.

New Hampshire Historical Society. MS. Sermons of Rev. J. Eckley, D. D. to 1811.

David Eckley, Esq.
The Society.

Report of Seaman's Aid Society, 1837. Letter from Rev. Mr. Baxter to Sebastian Rale; Tour through Great Britain, Vol. IV., 1748; English Liberties, 1721.

Mr. Daniel Adams.
Mr. E. W. Cheever.

Board of War Papers, 1780.

Catalogue of Coins in the Museum of Joseph Huddart, Liburni, 1795. Hon. John Davis.

Anti-Slavery Tracts.

Mr. Joshua Coffin, Philadelphia. A Gun, used at the Capture of Sir E. Andros. Mr. Gannett. Twenty-three volumes of the North American Review; North American Review of January and April Nos., 1837.

Professor J. G. Palfrey.

Mr. John Blunt.


MS. Papers. Representations of Captain Joshua Huddy, in a Report to Congress, by Mr. Storer. Mr. Storer.

Sermon, by Bishop of Chester, 1757; Bibliotheca Politica, by James Tyrrell, of London, 1708. John Welles, Esq.

History of the late Rebellion against King George by friends of the Popish Pretender, 1708. Mr. Charles W. Lovett. Transactions of the American Phil. Society, 1837. The Society. Catalogue of P. B. K. of New York, 1837.

Mr. E. Tuckerman, Jr.



Abstract of Massachusetts School Returns for 1836, by J. P. Bige-
low, Secretary of State.
Rev. Joseph B. Felt.
Historical Address at Dedham, by S. F. Haven, Esq. 1837.
Rev. Mr. Lamson.
The Author.

Ditto. History of the World, or Mercator's Atlas, fol. 1635; Register 1784, from 1787 to 1811, and ten duplicates.

Mr. W. W. Pemberton. Reminiscences of Forty Years, by Rev. Dr. Pierce, 1837.

The Author. Map of the City of Providence and of North Providence, 1835. Dr. Usher Parsons.




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