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din, Mr. Wise, Mr. Reed, Mr. Evans, Mr. Clayton, Mr. Webster, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Robbins, on the Fortification Bill, 1S36.

Gov. Everett.

Oration on the capture of Lord Cornwallis, at Brookfield, 1781, by Nathan Fiske, A.M.; Speech of Mr. Lawrence, in Senate of Massachusetts, 1836 ; Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of Lying in Hospital; Annual Report of Boston Academy of Music, 1834; John Q. Adams' Oration on death of General La Fayette; Manuscript by I. Mather, or Directions for Prayer and other religious subjects ; Manuscript Answers by General B. Lincoln respecting his Flour Mills.

The Corresponding Secretary.

Manuscript of Philip Henry's. Dr. Channing.

Fac Similes—Specimens of the first printed Bible; Survey of Routes for Rail Road between Portsmouth and Newburyport.

Wm. Pendleton.

Lithographic Map of Stowe. Mr. Leonard Bliss.

Rail Road Plan from Chelsea to Beverly.

W. H. Gardiner, Esq.

The Old Indian Chronicle, by S. G. Drake. The Author.

Mather's Magnalia, from Dr. Thomas Newell, England.

Col. T. H. Perkins.

A case of Dr. B. Franklin's matrices for printing types (from W. J. Duane, Esq.) /. P. Davis, Esq.

May.—A Centennial Address, delivered at Hingham, Sept. 8, 1835, by Solomon Lincoln, Esq. The Author.

A Discourse before the American Historical Society at Washington, Jan. 30, 1836, by Hon. Lewis Cass ; Letter of the Secretary of the Treasury on the Cultivation of Cotton, &c. Hon. James Savage.

Account of Sweden, 1694; Rev. Samuel Cook's Election Sermon, 1770; Rev. John Hancock's do. 1772. Mr. Seth Chandler.

Rev. Wm. P. Lunt's Sermon at the Installation of Rev. George Whitney, Feb. 10, 1836. Rev. George Whitney.

A Discourse before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on the Private Life and Domestic Habits of William Penn, April 9, 1836, by J. Francis Fisher; Annual Discourse before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on Indian Population, by B. H. Coates, 1834 ; Memoir of Thomas C. James, M. D. read to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, by Job R. Tyson. John Vaughan, Esq.

June.—Memorias da Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa; 11 vols. 1780—1831. The Academy.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 1st and 2d parts of volume 5th. The Society.

Speech of John Q. Adams in Congress on the subject of distributing rations, &c. Abbott Lawrence, Esq.

Memorial of Francis Lieber to Congress, April, 1836.

Hon. John Davis, of Worcester.

The Revised Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Legislature.

Alphabetical List Of The Living Resident Members Of The Massachusetts Historical Society.*


* A list of the Resident Members from the foundation of the Society in 1791, is contained in Vol. I. p. 287, and Vol. III. p. 408, of the third series of the Collections.

[table][merged small]

Thomas Aspinwall, Esq.
Sir Francis Palgrave,
Hon. Lewis Cass,
Rev. Jasper Adams, D. D.
Hon. Roberts Vaux,
Theodore Dwight, Esq.
Theodore Dwight, Jr. Esq.
James Mease, M. D.
Hon. William Jay,
Chief Justice Jona. Sewall,
Sir John Caldwell,
Sharon Turner, Esq.
Francis B. Winthrop, Esq.
Duke de Montmorency,
M Cesar Moreau,
J. Smyth Rogers,
Erastus Smith, Esq.
William Schlegel,
Finn Magnuson,
Col. Juan Galindo,
Judge Henry A. Bullard,
Richard Biddle, Esq.
J. K. Paulding, Esq.

* A complete list of the Corresponding Members is contained in Vol. I. p. 289, and Vol. Ill, p. 408, of the third series of the Collections.









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