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General Abstract of the Bill of Mortality for the City of Boston, from January 1, 1833, to January 1, 1834, agreeably to the Records kept at the Health Office.*

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General Abstract of the Bill of Mortality for the City of Boston, from Janu

ary 1, 1834, to January 1, 1835.


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General Abstract of the Bill of Mortality for the City of Boston, from Janu

ary 1, 1835, to January 1, 1836.


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Population of the City in 1830, 61,392 ;—in 1835, 78,603.

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The thanks of the Massachusetts Historical Society are presented for the following donations.

CHARLES LOWELL, Corresponding Secretary.

May, 1834.-Observations relative to the execution of Maj. Andre. Presented by Dr. James Thacher. Worcester Magazine and Historical Journal.

C. C. Baldwin, Esq. Grammatica della lingua Maltese ; Motti, Aforizmi e Proverbii Maltesi; Ktyb. yl. gari. Silas P. Holbrook, Esq.

June, 1834.—Catalogue of Yale College, 1833, (triennial); Čase of William Vans, (Report of Committee, 1833); Sullivan's Discourse before Boston Mercantile Association, 1832; Caleb Cushing's Oration, July 4, 1832; Charge to Grand Jury by Chief Justice Shaw; Report of friends of American Colonization Society, 1831. J. Willard.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 4, New Series, Parts 2 and 3; Laws and Regulations of same Society, revised 1833. The Society.

Dr. Thomas Stearns.

Map of Sudbury, Mass.

Portrait of Jeremiah Dummer, deposited.

Report of Majority of Bank Committee, in Congress, May 22, 1834; Governor Lincoln's Message to Senate, March, 1833, on proposed Militia Law; Spirit of Man Sanctified. James Savage, Esq.

Wadsworth's Chart of Narraganset Bay, 1832.

Hon. Daniel Webster.

Secretary of Navy's Letter to House of Representatives, relating to Gun Boats, 1809; Secretary of Treasury's Letter to House of Representatives, on Public Credit, 1809; Secretary of Treasury's Annual Report, 1809; Receipts and Expenditures of the United States, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1796, 1800, 1801. Hon. John Pickering.


A collection of Manuscripts, Pamphlets and Books.
Heirs of Rev. Dr. Belknap.
July.-Bancroft's History of the United States, Vol. I.

The Author.

Weston's History of Eastport and vicinity, 1834.

Eastport Lyceum.

Executive Documents, First Session, Twenty-Second Congress, relative to Manufactures, 2 vols. Congress. Biographical Sketches of the Thacher Family. By James Thacher, M. D. The Author.

August.-History of Berkshire, Mass., 1829.

Rev. David D. Field. New Hampshire Register, 1830, 1833, two copies of 1834. Mr. Gardner P. Lyon. American Quarterly Register, Vol. VII. No. I.

B. B. Edwards.
T. W. White.

Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. I. No. 1. Manuscript Account of Captivity of Hugh Mason among the Delaware Indians, 1756 to 1759. Rev. Timothy Alden. Rev. Thomas Prince's Ordination Sermon, October 1, 1718, a manuscript in the handwriting of Prince. Luther S. Cushing, Esq. September.-Engraved likeness of Governor Hancock.

Rev. R. M. Hodges.

Files of Columbian Centinel and of Boston Daily Advertiser for several years. Hon. Thomas L. Winthrop. First No. of a periodical work published in China; also a Chinese clearance of a vessel and a Letter of Protection.

October.-Fifty books and pamphlets,
Felt's History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton, 1834.

The Author. Manuscript list of births and burials in Cambridge, from 1632 to Dr. Gamaliel Bradford. First and Second Annual Report of Fellenberg Academy.


Dr. Jacob Porter.
Sixteenth Annual Report
B. B. Edwards.

The Author.
The Author.

Bryant P. Tilden, Esq. political, ecclesiastical, &c. Rev. R. M. Hodges.

American Quarterly Register, two Nos.; of the American Education Society, 1832.

E. Everett's Eulogy on La Fayette.
Felt's Annals of Salem.

History of England, by John Milton, Sir Thomas More, Lord Bacon and others; Lombard's Archaionomia.

Rev. Robert F. Walcutt, from Thomas Walcutt, Esq. December.-The Library of Thomas Walcutt, Esq. containing several hundred valuable volumes.

Thomas Walcutt, Esq. and Rev. Robert F. Walcutt. Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, 2 volumes, and Parts I. and II. of vol. 3.

John Dunlop, Esq. of Scotland. Portrait of the late Governor Wolcott, painted by Mr. Osgood. Samuel Osgood.

Portrait of Col. Pollard, former Sheriff of Suffolk. Also, Portrait of Madam Pollard. Isaac Winslow, Esq.

Box made from the Old Charter Oak in Hartford.

Dr. J. Smyth Rogers, of Hartford
The Author.

Rev. Dr. Codman's Sermons. January, 1835.—Portrait of Charles Carroll of Carrolton, painted by Mr. Harding, deposited.

Chester Harding.

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