What the Bible Says about Satan

Lulu Press, Incorporated, 2008 - 196 páginas
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Speaking and writing about Satan may seem inappropriate, especially in evangelical circles, where much is made of subjects that are characteristically edifying. Adding a discussion of this kind to the vast evangelical field, even giving the work a title that speaks specifically about this intrusive character, may be deemed out of place, if not utterly misleading. Nevertheless, the Bible, God's book, mentions Satan 54 times in its sixty-six books, of which over half of the references are found in the New Testament. The Bible does not speak about Satan using only this specific name, but it presents him also as ancient serpent, deceiver, adversary, strong man, accuser of the brothers, slanderer, the father of lies, the evil one. Jesus even gave him the honorary title of prince of this world. The Bible texts, in providing us many details concerning Satan, describe him through symbols and characteristics of a real person, even if there are those that do not believe in his existence.

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