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no harm I now send it to you, and am with the Utmost Sincerity, Your most Obedient and most humble Servant, HARRISON GRAY.


BOSTON, 20 December, 1762.

SIR, -Your Letters of 23. June, 10, 17 and 29 July have been laid before the Governor and Council: the General Court is to sit on the 12th of January. In the meantime I am directed by the Governor and Council to transmit you Copies of the Lieut: Governor's Letters to Mr. Bollan of 14 July, 1760, and 6 June, 1761, which now come under cover herewith; together with Copies of 2 Letters, of 31 October and 21 November last, from General Amherst to the Governor; all which may serve to give you some insight into the Province's demand on account of the Winter Service in 1759-60; and for the Men who served under Admiral Durell in the River St. Lawrence at the Reduction of Quebec. I am, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant,


P. S. I also send you triplicate of General Amherst's Certificate of 6 December 1761. I have your favor of 4 October a particular Reply to which, I must beg leave to refer to some future opportunity.


Extract of a Letter from General Amherst to his Excellency the Governor dated, New York, 31 October, 1762. SIR! As your Letter of the 23d September came to hand about the time of your setting out for Penobscot I deferred acknowledging it until your Return. I am now to acquaint you that having received directions from the Lords of the Treasury to transmit to them Certificates of the number of

Troops levied, cloathed, etc., by each of the Provinces for the Service of the Year 1760, and to return the like Certificate for every Year, I am preparing those for 1760, 1761 and 1762, in which the Massachusetts Government of course will be included; and so soon as they are ready, I shall transmit the whole to the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury agreeable to their Lordship's directions. I am with great regard Sir Your most obedient humble Servant, JEFF. AMHERST.

NEW YORK, 21 November, 1762.

SIR! I had last night the favour of your Letter of the 11th Instant: You may remember that in December, 1761, on your application to me I transmitted you a Certificate of the number and time of Service of the Troops in the pay of your Province during the Winter 1759-60 in the only method I could take upon me to certify. The Lords Commissioners of the Treasury having desired Certificates to be returned to them of the Troops furnished by the several Provinces for 1760, 1761 and 1762, as I acquainted you in mine of the 31 Ultimo, I have accordingly prepared such, and they are now ready to go by the first oppertunity to England. As to signing the Rolls made out by your Officers, that is what I can by no means do, nor can I make any Alterations in the method proposed by the Lords of the Treasury, which I have obeyed, so that there is no occasion for Mr. Goldthwait's coming with any Papers relative to that matter; but if you think it necessary to send him for the Settlement of the billetting money, which I hope will be easily adjusted, I can have no objection. I am with great Regards, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant, JEFF. AMHERst.

1 Thomas Goldthwait.

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BOSTON, II January, 1763.

SIR, I herewith send you my Bill on yourself payable to your own order, and pray the favour of you to send me a Bob Wig for myself about two Guineas price, and a fashionable Watch for my Son as good as can you get for six Guineas.

I expect I am a small matter in your debt, and Mr. Bollan writes me that he had omitted a Guinea which he paid towards my Commission: if it be agreeable to you, please to pay him the Guinea and the Ballance of my Account to Messrs. Champion & Hayley. I am Sir Your most humble Servant, AND'W OLIver.

Directions for the Barber

A Bob Wig for Mr. Oliver of a middling size, rather deep in the head and large in the Ribon, than any ways under size: and he is desired to keep the measure by him to serve hereafter.



BOSTON, 29th January 1763. SIR, -Your Letter to the Secretary of the 29th of June has been communicated to the House of Representatives; I am to inform you that the House entirely approve of your Conduct, and are highly pleased with the Success of your Applications to the Treasury, and have voted you their Thanks, which this conveys: Measures are taking that the Certificates from Sir Jeffery Amherst, and other Documents you require. in support of the Demand for the Nova-Scotia and Louisbourg Troops may be transmitted you as soon as possible.

1 This letter was printed in the Journals of the House of Representatives, January 29, 1763.

The House would have readily complied with your Desire of joining your Brother Israel Mauduit, Esq. with you in the Agency, had it been in their Power; but publick Oeconomy and Frugality, at all Times prudent, are by Reason of the very heavy Burden of Debt incurred by this Province during the present War, rendered absolutely necessary, and the additional Expence of another Agent is become an Object of great Deliberation.1

The House think themselves happy in your Acceptance of the Trust, and rest satisfied that the Interests of the Province are at present quite safe in the Hands of a Gentleman of your Ability and Integrity. The House will however at all times be ready to gratify their Agent in any Request for his Ease, the charge of which they may be able to support. In the meantime, the House wish you Health, and Happiness and Prosperity in all your Negotiations for yourself, and for Others. TIMO. RUGGLES, SP'KR.

SIR, By direction of the Hon'ble House of Representatives I inclose the within written Letter to you by the first opportunity, which I wish safe to your hands. I am with proper regard Sir Your most Obedient Servant,


Cler. Dom. Rep.


BOSTON, 7 February, 1763.

SIR, Your Letters of 23d June, the 10th, 17th and 29th July have been laid before the General Court, and I am directed to inform you of their great Satisfaction in your

1 The House on January 17, and the Council on the 19th, voted to join Israel Mauduit to the agency, upon the "express condition that the Province be put to no further expense for the Agency, than if this appointment had not been made." Mass. Arch., XXII. 269.

having undertaken the Office of Agent for the Province, in which they make no doubt your endeavours will be exerted to promote its best Interests upon all Occasions.

They observe you had receivd £57,602.6.- Sterling for the Province Share of the Parliamentary Grant of £200,000 made to the Colonies for their Services in 1760, with which you were paying the Bills outstanding drawn upon Mr. Bollan on the credit of the preceeding Year's Grant: said outstanding Bills according to a List delivered you by him amounting to £3,007. besides a Bill of £150. that was come to hand, not included in said List; and that the rest was lying at the Bank for the Orders of the General Court.

They observe also you had procured a Stoppage to be made at the Treasury out of said Grant of £10,000. to answer the Province Claim to a Reimbursement for the Winter Service of 1759-60, and any other Claims; and desire to be furnished with General Amherst's Certificate of the numbers employed in that Service, or with Testimonials at least as authentic as those of any other Colony. It gives the General Court a particular pleasure that you have been able to succeed thus far in this matter notwithstanding the clamorous Remonstrances of those who objected to the validity of the Province Claim.

With regard to a Certificate from General Amherst, there was one obtained from him and sent to Mr. Bollan which 'tis presumed you are possessed of before this time, or of copies thereof transmitted you by the Secretary. This was the fullest Certificate that could be procured from the General; with respect to which you are referred to a Letter from the Lieut. Governor to Mr. Bollan, dated the 19 December, 1761, Copy of which you will have herewith. The only further evidence you can be furnished with in this Affair is an authenticated Copy of the Pay

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