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County of Lincoln. Gentlemen - Shews etc. This petition relates to his grand-children captured by Indians; four had been recovered, but one of them, a girl of thirteen, taken to Rochelle in France, was there held in servitude. The petition desired that she be returned to her native land. Under date of June 8, 1763, the matter was referred by the Council to the Agent with an expression of a desire that the discharge of the child be obtained.


Jasper Mauduit 1762-1765

Jasper Mauduit



BOSTON 14th July 1760

SIR, -There are papers and accounts referred to in your instructions, to be forwarded by the Secretary; but as the preparing them has been desird of me, it is necessary I should write to you concerning them: You will find two Declarations, one from John Wheelwright, Esqr., of the taking 229 barrells powder by General Shirley; the other from Temple Decoster3 of 92 barrells powder, Six Cannon, 2 Mortars and sundry stores taken from Castle William, all which except one of the Mortars, which was for the Crown Point Expedition were carried to Oswego and there taken by the Enemy. The Mortar for Crown Point was never returned.4

1 A copy is in Mass. Arch., xxv. 14.

2 The instructions to Bollan, in the writing of James Bowdoin, and dated June 28, 1760, are in Mass. Arch., civ. 24.

3 Temple Decoster was married to Ann King, December 2, 1734, by Rev. Elisha Callender. N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, XXXIV. 95.

4 A report of both Houses, drawn up by Samuel Danforth and accepted on June 16, 1760, stated: “Whereas a Petition was some time since presented to his majesty in Council by the Agent of this Province, setting forth that divers Cannon, mortars and some stores which were taken from Castle William and used in His Majesty's service at Oswego or on the Crown-Point Expedition were not return'd; That others of the cannon at Castle William were defective, and not to be depended on, and that for the proper

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