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to the Treasurer, they may then order him to draw for the Balance. In the mean time till I have their determination (as I have wrote to him) I shall accept for no more than Six thousand pounds. I am, with the greatest regard for the welfare of the Province, Sir, your humble Servant


P. S. I shall not copy absurdity and print this Letter before it is received. But when it arrives, as the General Court has been so fond of publications, they are very welcome to insert it in their Journals; for I do not think myself in any danger of suffering in the publick Estimation for having pointed out the mistake of those who think to serve the Province by affronting the friends of it.



BOSTON, 16 November, 1767

SIR, — I wrote you under the 20th and 30th of October by Cap'n Jarvis; the latter being a particular reply to your favour of the 22d of August; and the former serving to convey to you by order of the Commissioners of your hon'ble Company, a copy of a letter they had wrote to the Rev'd Mr. Wheelock; since which your Commissioners have receiv'd from him an Answer to the said Letter, to which they have made a reply, that is intended for a close of the Correspondence, Copies of both which I am directed to transmit to you, and they accordingly come inclosed herewith: but I must ask your excuse for sending them transcribed by a raw hand, as I really had not time to copy them myself.

I advised Mr. Wright by Cap'n Jarvis of the receipt of two Bales of Blankets, and of the acceptance of Messrs.

1 Society for propagating the Gospel.



ADAMS, JOHN, on Otis, xx; Mayhew,
xxiii; Episcopacy, xxv; Trowbridge,
xxvii; Chauncy, xxxiii; Gray, xxxiv;
Bollan, 29 n; Mauduit, 58 n.

Adams, Samuel, on the Olivers, xxi.
Affleck, -, Captain, 64.

Agents, Colony, letter of, 55.

Allegiance, 40.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bills of Exchange, 151, 33, 88, 93, 98,
125, 145; unpaid, 25.
Bishop for America, 30 n.
Blake, Edward, 11, 84.
Bollan, Frances Shirley, 67.

Bollan, William, 91, 93, 102, 135, 161,
179 n; account of, xviii; Hutchinson to,
3; special claim of Massachusetts, 7 n;
parliament grant, 8 n, 24; shipping
specie, 14 n; letter to speaker, 15, 28;
Oliver, 24; on fee act, 16; suspending
clause, 17; dismissed from agency, 26 n,
66, 78, 124; “Coloniae Angliae,” 28,
67; Adams on, 29 n; Mayhew on, 37;
Mauduit consults, 58; investments in
Massachusetts, 60; support, 72; career
and connections, 76; stoppages, 98;
fee to clerk, 102; favored, 131; accounts,
-149, 166, 168 n.

Bowdoin, James, 3 n.

Bowman, Rev. Joseph, 73 n.

Bounties, service, 13, 20, 23, 82, 84.
Bourne, Sylvanus, II.

Bowdoin, James, 16 n, 33 n, 39 n, 53 n, 74,


Bowers, Jerathmeel, 26 n.
Bradbury, John, 26 n.
Bradford, Gamaliel, 11.
Brattle, William, 32, 66.
Bromfield, Abigail, 162 n.

[blocks in formation]

Castle William, cannon from, 3; plan of, Davis, Israel, 11.

[blocks in formation]

Clause, suspending, in province acts, 16, Durell, Philip, seamen under, 4, 21, 89.

[blocks in formation]
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