Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials, and Legends ...: Landmarks and memorials. Historical outlines, original settlers, and distinguished residents of the counties of Georgia


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Página 82 - I had in my pocket a handful of copper money, three or four silver dollars, and five pistoles in gold. As he proceeded, I began to soften, and concluded to give the copper.
Página 230 - MY life is like the summer rose That opens to the morning sky, But ere the shades of evening close Is scattered on the ground— to die. Yet on the rose's humble bed The sweetest dews of night are shed, As if she wept the waste to see, — But none shall weep a tear for me...
Página 621 - And sight out of blindness and purity out of a stain. -'As the marsh-hen secretly builds on the watery sod, Behold I will build me a nest on the greatness of God : I will fly in the greatness of God as the marsh-hen flies In the freedom that fills all the space 'twixt the marsh and the skies : By so many roots as the marsh-grass sends in the sod I will heartily lay me a-hold on the greatness of God...
Página 770 - The various terrors of that horrid shore; Those blazing suns that dart a downward ray, And fiercely shed intolerable day; Those matted woods where birds forget to sing, But silent bats in drowsy clusters cling; Those poisonous fields, with rank luxuriance crown'd, Where the dark scorpion gathers death around ; Where at each step the stranger fears to wake The rattling terrors of the vengeful snake...
Página 82 - I happened soon after to attend one of his sermons, in the course of which I perceived he intended to finish with a collection, and I silently resolved he should get nothing from me. I had in my pocket a handful of copper money, three or four silver dollars, and five pistoles in gold. As he proceeded I began to soften and concluded to give the copper.
Página 52 - Into the horrors of the gloomy jail? Unpitied and unheard, where misery moans; Where Sickness pines; where Thirst and Hunger burn, And poor Misfortune feels the lash of Vice.
Página 442 - I shall send my children's children to reverence him who ennobled their name with his heroic blood. But, sir, speaking from the shadow of that memory, which I honor as I do nothing else on earth, I say that the cause in which he suffered and for which he gave his life was adjudged by higher and fuller wisdom than his or mine, and I am glad that the omniscient God held the balance of battle in His Almighty hand, and that human slavery was swept forever from American soil — the American Union saved...
Página 584 - ... for all your iniquities the South will never again seek a remedy in the madness of another secession. We are here, we are in the house of our fathers ; our brothers are our companions, and we are at home to stay, thank God!
Página 52 - Lo ! swarming southward, on rejoicing suns, Gay colonies extend; the calm retreat Of undeserved distress, the better home Of those whom bigots chase from foreign lands. Nor built on rapine, servitude, and woe, And in their turn some petty tyrant's prey ; But, bound by social Freedom, firm they rise ; Such as, of late, an Oglethorpe has formed, And, crowding round, the charmed Savannah sees.
Página 111 - The greatest honors of war are due his remains. You, as a soldier, will take the proper order on this melancholy affair. Pardon this scrawl ; my feelings are too much affected because I have seen a great and a good man die.

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