Charles Bulfinch, Architect and Citizen

Houghton Mifflin, 1925 - 294 páginas
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Página 69 - With what remorse have I looked back on these events, when blindly gratifying a taste for a favorite pursuit, I involved for life myself and wife with our children — my Father and Mother and Sisters, who all held the utmost confidence in my measures and pride in my expected success. They all bore the loss and mortification without repining. My inexperience and that of my agents Messrs and in conducting business of this nature, together with my earnest desire to discharge all demands as far as possible,...
Página 86 - The council chamber is on the opposite quarter of the building ; it is 27 feet square, and 20 high, with a flat ceiling; the walls are finished with Corinthian pilasters, and panels of stucco ; these panels are enriched with the state arms, with emblems of executive power, the scale and sword of justice, and the insignia of arts and freedom, the Caduceus and cap of Liberty ; the whole decorated with wreaths of oak and laurel.
Página 23 - Corporation on the one part, and the dean and chapter of the cathedral church of Saint Paul, in the city of London...
Página 52 - I have propos'd to them to make use of the Philadelphia marble, such as us'd in the front of the new library (if the price be not too extravagant), in the more elegant parts of the Building. I will thank you therefore to ask of some of the principal workmen the price at which they will execute the following work: — a band of facia such as is common in the Philadelphia Houses, 1| feet Deep or wide to project out of the wall two inches — how much pr foot?
Página 6 - Architecture & the kindred arts of painting and sculpture . . . but these pursuits did not confirm me in any business habits of buying and selling, on the contrary they had a powerful adverse influence on my whole after life.
Página 27 - This city is not much altered since I was last here, except in its increase; the same plain stile of building is kept on, and the same quakerish neatness. One only great exception to this appears in the house of Mr. Bingham, which is in a stile which would be esteemed splendid even in the most luxurious part of Europe. Elegance of construction, white marble staircase, valuable paintings, the richest furniture and the utmost magnificence of decoration makes it a palace in my opinion far too rich for...
Página 6 - ... months of hurried employment, when he was engaged in victualing a French fleet in our harbour, my time passed very idly and I was at leisure to cultivate a taste for Architecture, which was encouraged by attending to Mr. Barrell's improvement of his estate and [the improvements] on our dwelling house & the houses of some friends, all of which had become exceedingly dilapidated during the war. Coming of age about...
Página 215 - Corinthian columns, with an entablature and balustrade ; from this, the ascent in a gradual diminution, forms the base of the spire, which is crowned with a ball and vane. The entire height is one hundred and ninety feet. Inside the house, the ceiling is supported by four Ionic columns connected above their entablature by four arches of moderate elevation ; in the angles, pendants, or fans rising from a circular horizontal ceiling, decorated with a centre flower. Between the arches and walls are...
Página 6 - ... Barrell's improvement of his estate and [the improvements] on our dwelling house & the houses of some friends, all of which had become exceedingly dilapidated during the war. Coming of age about this time, an Uncle, George Apthorp died in England, and a portion of his property, about £200 Stlg, came to my parents, who devoted it to my use for a visit to Europe. I accordingly embarked in June, 1785, and returned Jan.
Página 27 - Among the pleasures my companions promised themselves in this journey, you know that the seeing of a play was not reckoned among the least; I have the pleasure to inform you that although their expectations were highly raised, they have been more than gratified. We attended three plays in Philadelphia, and have already seen two here; and I suppose it will be thought absolutely necessary by our party to see every one that shall be performed during our stay; . . . You must expect our ladies to form...

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