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Página 261 - But when in the course of Divine Providence, these American States became independent with respect to civil government, their ecclesiastical independence was necessarily included; and the different religious denominations of Christians in these States were left at full and equal liberty to model and organize their respective Churches, and forms of worship, and discipline, in such manner as they might judge most convenient for their future prosperity; consistently with the constitution and laws of...
Página 233 - God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked ; that there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.
Página 88 - Take away all hatred and prejudice, and whatsoever else may hinder us from godly Union and Concord : that, as there is but one Body, and one Spirit, and one Hope of our Calling, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of us all...
Página 39 - ... enough to do, to bear with patience and fortitude the real afflictions with which God may visit him, without venturing to fill up the intervals in which He has left him ease, and even invites him to gladness, by a self-imposed and artificial sorrow. Nay, if his mind be well constituted, he will feel that the learning how to apply, in hours of happiness, the lessons which he has learned in the school of sorrow, is not one of the least difficult lessons which sorrow has to teach him ; not to mention...
Página 121 - Each one of us must be ready to say this in the day in which we must render an account. I ought to consider the duty to which I am called each day, as the work that God has given me to do, and to apply myself to it in a manner worthy of His glory, that is to say, with exactness and in peace. I must neglect nothing; I must be violent about nothing; for it is dangerous either to perform the works of God with negligence or to appropriate them to ourselves by selflove and false zeal. In that case we...
Página 88 - Now look at Unitarians, denying the divinity of our Lord, and calling themselves Christians ; look at Baptists, enforcing adult baptism alone ; look at Wesleyans, and Independents, and the countless sects of the present day, making both the sacraments mere signs, and all differing from each other and from the Church in their forms of government, where can the ' one body ' be found amongst them ? " " Spiritually they may be one,
Página 189 - JEWS were wrought to cruel madness ; Christians fled in fear and sadness ; Mary stood the cross beside : At its foot her foot she planted, By the dreadful scene undaunted, Till the gentle Sufferer died.
Página 151 - THE year is dying away like the sound of bells. The wind passes over the stubble and finds nothing to move. Only the red berries of that slender tree seem as if they would fain remind us of something cheerful; and the measured beat of the thresher's flail calls up the thought, that in the dry and fallen ear lies so much of nourishment and life.
Página 121 - Oh! thou sole business of life, henceforth thou shalt have my undivided attention. Cheered by the presence of God, I will do at the moment, without anxiety, according to the strength which he shall give me, the work that his providence assigns me. I will leave the rest; it is not my affair. "Father...
Página 121 - Cheered by the presence of God, I will do at the moment, without anxiety, according to the strength which he shall give me, the work that his Providence assigns me. I will leave the rest ; it is not my affair. " ' Father, I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.

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