Cases Decided in the Court of Session, Volumen1

Bell & Bradfute, 1822
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Volume I of Shaw's Session Cases
May 12, 1821 - 1822

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Página 380 - After the verdict was rendered and before sentence the defendant moved for a new trial on the grounds (1) that the verdict was contrary to...
Página 399 - ... beginning the adventure upon the said goods and merchandise from the loading thereof aboard the said ship, and so shall continue and endure, during her abode there, upon the said ship, &c.
Página 101 - A party, by an antenuptial contract, disponed his estate to the heir-male of the marriage, 'and to the. heirs and assignees whatsoever of the said heir-male in fee ; ' whom failing, the heir-male of any subsequent marriage, and the heirs of his body; whom failing, to the heir-female or eldest daughter of the marriage, who should always succeed without division ; and a son of the marriage existed, but died without issue, leaving three sisters. Held in a competition...
Página 1 - The result was that the court (Braxfield all along absent) found that " the said publication is a false and slanderous representation of the proceedings in the said trial, and a gross indignity offered to this high court, calculated to create groundless jealousies, and doubts of the due administration of justice by the supreme criminal court of this part of the united empire.
Página 170 - ... and paid within sixty days after notice thereof shall be given to the said corporation, by the said assured, that then the said corporation, their officers, workmen, or assigns, shall, at the charge of the said corporation, at the end and expiration of the said sixty days, provide and supply the said assured with the like quantity of goods of the same sort and kind, and of equal value and goodness with those burnt or damnified by fire. Provided always...
Página 173 - If they be of this description of persons what shall be the amount of the assessment and relief — is vested in the heritors and kirk session of the parish, and that no controul on the proceedings and determination of the. kirk session in these particulars is committed to sheriffs, or other inferior judicatures...
Página 7 - ... alleged : Our will is herefore, and we charge you, that on sight hereof ye pass, and in our name and authority lawfully summon, warn, and charge the...
Página 447 - Majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, statutes and ordains that it shall be leisome to all persons whatsomever to sell and break all sorts of fleshes on every lawful day of the week, and that in all the burghs and towns of this kingdom, free of any imposition whatsomever, the petty custom of the burgh excepted.
Página 170 - ... fire they shall expend in rebuilding or repairing any building damaged or destroyed by fire, the sum assured thereon, under the direction of able and experienced workmen, if the loss and damage shall in their opinion amount thereto. In case any difference shall arise touching any loss or damage, such difference shall be submitted to the judgment and determination of arbitrators indifferently chosen, whose award in writing shall be conclusive and binding on all parties ; but if...
Página 8 - Lord Justice-General, Lord Justice-Clerk, and Lords Commissioners of Justiciary, in a Court of Justiciary to be holden by them, within the Criminal Court-house of Edinburgh, upon the...

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